Character transfer tool


  • You must create a level 1 and log in before submitting your transfer application
  • Each person is allowed up to 2 Predefined Template Character to TrueWoW. (Retail transfer or NOT A FULL CHARACTER COPY)
  • Each person is allowed up to 3 Full Character Transfers to TrueWoW or PrimalWoW. (Full character copy)
  • We reserve the right to decline your transfer for any reason.
  • Ensure you have a forum account, game account, and the 3.3.5 WoW client before submitting a transfer application.
  • Character field must contain current character name ONLY. You may change this name after transferring.
  • Any special requests (such as faction changes) must be requested in the username or password field after the required information.

Full Character Transfer Requirements

  • Requirements

    • Originating server must not offer donations for gold, gear, or game altering content.
    • Originating server must be Blizzlike. (No custom content)
    • For PrimalWoW, character must come from a Vanilla 1.21.1 server.
    • For TrueWoW, character must come from Vanilla 1.12.1, TBC 2.4.3, or WotLK 3.3.5 server.
    • Character must be at minimum level 30.
    • For PrimalWoW, no Death Knight or Demon Hunter characters will be transfered as they start at higher levels.
  • Your character will recieve:

    • A character matching your character from the originating server with the same Level, Race, and Class.
    • Gold matching the amount your character has on the Originating server. (We will restrict this amount to no more than 2500 Gold on TrueWoW and 500g on PrimalWoW)
    • The following will be transferred: Reputation, Weapon Skills, Equipped Gear, Bags, Items, Bank Items, and Bank Bags.
    • Anything that is not mentioned will NOT be transferred or compensated

Predefined Template Character Transfer

  • Requirements

    • Originating server must be Blizzlike. (No custom content)
    • Originating server must be at least 3 Months Old.
    • Character must be at minimum level 60 from non-retail sources. Minimum level is 90 if it is from retail.
  • Your character will receive:

    • A character created from a level 60 template.
    • PrimalWoW characters will receive 500g and TrueWoW characters will receive 2500g.
    • Basic gear that will allow you to get started
    • Anything that is not mentioned will NOT be transferred or compensated
    • Monks must request a different class in either the username or password field, after the required information.
    • All non-monk classes will receive a character of the same class (eg. mage -> mage , paladin -> paladin)
    • You will be able to customize your character's appearance, race, gender, and name on first login.
  • Your character may not receive:

    • Flight paths.
    • Spells.
    • Mounts or riding skill.
    • Spec-specific gear.
    • Specialized class items/spells (Shaman totems, warrior stances, druid forms, etc).
    • Reputation.
    • Spec-specific gear.
    • Anything else not mentioned in "Your character will receive:" section.
  • How to transfer from Retail:

    RECOMMENDED: Check the updated retail transfer guide [ HERE ].
    Please upload the following screenshots to an image hosting site like
    1. Take a screenshot of the character list like THIS EXAMPLE and upload it to an image host like imgur.
    2. Take a screenshot of the character selection screen with our Request a Transfer page in the background (USERNAME field). Like in THIS EXAMPLE. NOTE: It's crucial that the character for transfer is marked with the green check mark and TrueWoW is opened in the 2nd tab of your browser.
    • With the transfer request, provide the link to the CHARACTER SELECTION SCREEN screenshot in the "username" field AND the BATTLENET screenshot in the "password" field.
    • If you somehow can't create such a screenshot, an alternative is to provide the armory link. In which case you need to equip chest, legs, feet and all other slots empty.
    • Only one transfer per originating character name allowed, regardless of realm.

You have to be logged in to use character transfer