Character transfer tool

Transfer restrictions:

  • Any server that's not overly customized (blizzike mechanics for spells and bosses, no custom instances, no damage/HP modifiers)
  • Retail, Vanilla (1.12), TBC (2.4.3), WotLK (3.3.5a), Cata (4.3.4) and MoP (5.4.8). (Expansions other than Retail and WotLK can have longer waiting times)
  • At least 3 months old
  • (Only for 1:1 transfers) WotLK Blizzlike or blizzclone
  • (Only for 1:1 transfers) Rates no higher than x3
  • (Only for 1:1 transfers) No donations affecting leveling
  • Only one character transfer allowed per realm for each person. (3 for 1:1 transfers)
  • Minimum level of 60 (currently 30 for 1:1 transfers)
  • For PrimalWoW, minimum character level is 100 if it is from retail. If not, minimum character level is 60.
  • For PrimalWoW, no Death Knight characters will be transfered.

1:1 Transfer compensation:

  • All character data will be preserved (we can not guarantee everything will be transferred smoothly)
  • The following will be transferred: Level, Class, Race, Gold, Honor, Arena Points, Professions, Reputation, Achievements, Weapon Skills, Equipped Gear, Bags, Items, Bank Items, Bank Bags, Mounts, and Companions
  • Each profession and its respective skill level will be preserved (without the recipes)
  • Basic gear based on class and level
  • No taxi paths or explored maps will be transferred. Explorer Title may be transferred though.
  • Level 80 will start at Dalaran, 70 at Shattrath City
  • Race, Looks, Gender and Name customization upon first login
  • Anything that is not mentioned will NOT be transferred or compensated
For detailed information, see our item compensation page.

Important information and frequently asked questions can also be found at our General Information section.

Predefined character compensation:

  • If your character or server does not qualify for a 1:1 transfer, you will instead receive a character we create from a template.
  • We will not delete your original character in this case so there is nothing to complain. It's a free character which is better than starting from level 1.
  • Your compensation in levels and gear is based on what we believe you would have if you would spend the same amount of work on a character with our 1x rates.
  • Expansions other that WotLK will never receive better than level 80 starter gear. This way you can relearn your class mechanics in WotLK before being accepted to raids.
  • The categories you can receive: level 60, level 70, level 80 starting gear, ivl 232-245, ilvl 251-264. You will also receive an amount of gold depending on the category.
  • Equip your highest ilvl in each slot. If your Gear Score is below 6k, you will receive ivl 232-245 at best, below 5k means 80 starting gear at best.
  • These things will not be compensated: Honor, Arena Points, Professions, Reputation, Achievements, Mounts, Companions and Other Items.
  • You're expected to buy most of the gear yourself with the emblems you receive. More information will be in the message you receive when the transfer is complete.
  • Race, Looks, Gender and Name customization upon first login

Retail transfers:

  • To verify your ownership, login on the retail website and go to this page AND login to the game and take a screenshot of the character selection screen.
  • Take a screenshot of the character list like this example and upload it to an image host like imgur.
  • Take a screenshot of the character selection screen with our Request a Transfer page in the background (USERNAME field). Like in this example.
  • It's crucial that the character for transfer is marked with the green check mark and TrueWoW is opened in the 2nd tab of your browser.
  • The screenshot should be full screen, of decent quality and not be edited in any way.
  • With the transfer request, provide the link to the CHARACTER SELECTION SCREEN screenshot in the "username" field AND the BATTLENET screenshot in the "password" field.
  • RECOMMENDED: Check the updated retail transfer guide [ HERE ].
  • If you somehow can't create such a screenshot, an alternative is to provide the armory link. In which case you need to equip chest, legs, feet and all other slots empty.
  • If you have a monk, you should write your preferred class in the password field.
  • Only one transfer per character name allowed, regardless of realm.
  • Any 80+ character will receive 80 starting gear like described above. 60-79 characters will either receive a level 60 or 70.

Current transfer stats:

Total requests approved rejected pending Average/Median wait time
16581 7897 8666 9 1.7/0.3 days.

Important information. Please read before proceeding!

  • We reserve the right to refuse a character transfer even if the official requirements are met.
  • No professions will be transferred if they can be affected by any kind of reward(s) (donations, voting, etc).
  • If you have a transfer request which requires special approach, please contact any of our staff members.
  • Actual transfer may take between 15 minutes and few days after the confirmation.
  • Beware that (only for 1:1 transfers) the character you want to transfer will be deleted from the server where it currently resides and be recreated on ours. This process is irreversible.
  • After the transfer is resolved, please change your password on the old server immediately. We don't want to be held responsible for any harm caused to your account.
  • Once you request a character transfer the only way to stop the process is by changing the account password before we manage to proceed with the transfer.
  • If we find that any item has been donated for, it'll be downgraded or REMOVED accordingly. We don't hold any responsibility on replacing or giving any compensation for items that were not obtained properly, including but not limited to, gears, pets, mounts and vanity items.
  • You must have logged in at least once into your target account (the account the character will be transfered to) and have at least one character created.

Known issues

  • Item enchantments are not kept.
  • Items charges are set to 0. Additionaly some items such as potions will throw a "no charges remaining" error, but unstacking them solves it.
  • Item durability is lost, but gold for repairs is given.
  • Green items are lost.
  • There is a bug with BoE Items. Where they can be traded again. Do not abuse this. If found abusing your ability to transfer will be disabled, possibly banned, and BoE Items will be removed from transfers.
  • Characters under level 70 will receive only 500 gold as compensation regardless of what level they are.

Dethwing (Cata)
Dragonfire-BG (on hysteria-gaming)
Eternal (Redemption & Apocalypse realms)
Feenix (Emerald Dream realm only)
Forgotten Lands (Cata)
Gamer District
Heroes WoW (Mystic Heroes realm)
Ice WoW
Kronos WoW
The Frostmourne (Hungarian, not the German)
The Rebirth
Warmane (unity from Molten and AT)
WoW Ascension
WoW Freakz
WoW Trilogy (Cata realm)
WoW Trilogy (WotLK realm)
WoWCircle (logon1 except for fun realms)
WoWCircle (logon3 2.4.3 x1, 3.3.5a x1, 4.3.4 x1)
WoWCircle (5.4.8 x1)
RTK gaming
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