Naxxramas: Tier 3

Tier 3 is a type of armor set previously obtainable in the classic, 40-man, version of Naxxramas. Each class set consists of 9 pieces. Death Knights do not have a set of this tier.

After the rework of Naxxramas, this tier is no longer available in-game. However, in time it will be available to PrimalWoW players once the classic version of Naxxramas is released, and as consequence, these players will keep their right of possession of these items when the realms merge.

Since TrueWoW players never had the opportunity to, and will not be given the chance to experience the classic Naxxramas version, an alternative way to acquire these old tiers is given to level 80 players through the weekly Naxxramas Dungeon Challenge.

ObjectivesFull clear Naxxramas with any character during a single raid lockout in either 10 or 25 man difficulty.
RewardsChance of acquiring a random tier 3 piece for the eligible character's class. You may only claim your reward once per week per character.

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Death Knights do not have a tier to be claimed.
However, you may still claim a small sum of money for helping your friends complete the challenge.