General Information
Hardware Intel Xeon W3520 - 4c/8t - 2.66GHz
2x 2TB HDD (RAID 1)
100 Mbps up/down - unlimited bandwidth (DDoS Protected)
Linux, Debian 9 x64
Rates Optional Rates: (1x Default) 1x, 2x, 3x
Crossfaction Auction House, Mail, Battlegrounds, RDF/RHC, party/raid group, characters on same account
Location Northern France
WoW 3.3.5a (Build 12340)
World DB TDB 335.63
Classes Online
Priest1 Hunter2
Mage3 Shaman1
Warlock2 Paladin3
Rogue2 Warrior1
Druid1 Death Knight1
Alliance 7 Horde 10
Human2 Orc0
Dwarf1 Undead2
Night Elf1 Tauren0
Gnome2 Troll4
Draenei1 Blood Elf4
Uptime 0 days 15 hours 2 minutes

Alliance (41%)

Name Level Race Class Zone
Blueraven 80 Night Elf Druid Pit of Saron
Cinjalla 73 Gnome Rogue Howling Fjord
Massmurderer 80 Human Death Knight Pit of Saron
Mistir 80 Dwarf Paladin Pit of Saron
Needalite 80 Human Mage Ironforge
Shockzy 80 Draenei Shaman Pit of Saron
Smallwarlock 80 Gnome Warlock Icecrown

Horde (59%)

Name Level Race Class Zone
Grehl 25 Blood Elf Warlock Ashenvale
Kloe 28 Undead Warrior The Barrens
Lissathdra 5 Blood Elf Mage Eversong Woods
Murkhurkul 26 Troll Hunter Ashenvale
Quingishi 10 Troll Rogue Undercity
Sampson 80 Blood Elf Paladin Dalaran
Sigfred 80 Blood Elf Paladin Pit of Saron
Tamar 73 Troll Hunter Dragonblight
Watchdog 15 Undead Mage Silverpine Forest
Zalmea 25 Troll Priest Ashenvale