The Ironman Challenge

Latest Events (TW)

Sparkee was slain by Kobold Geomancer (Health: 25 Damage: 27 - 2 Overkill)

2022-10-03 02:33:48

Teagan was slain by Stormscale Wave Rider (Health: 19 Damage: 44 - 25 Overkill)

2022-09-30 15:15:57

Seahunt was slain by Felslayer (Health: 9 Damage: 35 - 26 Overkill)

2022-09-30 13:06:10

Iceclad was slain by Murloc Flesheater (Health: 22 Damage: 25 - 3 Overkill)

2022-09-29 22:12:21

Seabreeze was slain by Chieftain Nek'rosh (Health: 57 Damage: 92 - 35 Overkill)

2022-09-29 18:56:55

The Ironman Challenge revolves around leveling to the level cap WITHOUT DYING!

Sign up to the challenge now and earn unique rewards!
- Type '.ironman signup ironman' to sign up to the default challenge.
- Type '.ironman signup bloodthirsty' to sign up to the bloodthirsty variation of the ironman challenge.

A character may only sign up for one variation.

For more information please check the Ironman Discussion Thread!

Claim Rewards!

Completing the Ironman challenge in either difficulty awards you a unique account-wide mount, the [Bengal Tiger]!

Type your character name below to claim it!