Why we aren't opening a third realm
07 Sep 2018 17:56
Hey there faaaamilyots!

Lately there has been alot of questions regarding our choice to decline the suggestion of opening a third realm, to emulate Vanilla once again.

Our staff is limited, and as every spot in our team is a volounteer one, we could never demand enforced work towards a subject. Surely we are removing inactive members but you get the point.

The staff group may look big in the list, but in reality it is far from big. Currently there are two real active developers that works their breath away with the core and then there are some others in the staff helping out as they can, if Core or database wise.

By opening a third realm; our founder, administration and staff group in a whole came to an agreement of understanding how bad it would be for the other realms.

Everyone had interest in doing this third realm, but no one can see it with the lack of staff members we got today.

This is why we aren't opening a third realm, there is not enough resources.

The staff does however wishes to actually do so. For you the players we'd do everything possible. Winkey face.

If you want to make a change and eventually make a third realm possible you could always

Become One of Us :o

Stay True,

- TrueWoW Staff
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