[Hyjal Prepatch] The Battle for Mount Hyjal is upon us!
23 May 2018 12:23

For 10,000 years, the soils of our world sat calm. Watchful under the guidance of Tyrande Whisperwind, the Night Elves kept guard for signals of a demonic resurfacing. After 10 millennia, they were out of time...

Archimonde returned, with Burning Legion forces that corrupted and twisted the land. Still seeking to harness the power of the Well of Eternity, the World Tree was the target. Many of Archimonde's generals were slaughtered at the hands of the awaken and inspired forces that Tyrande gathered, but there were always more seeking to replace those who were lost.

All of Azeroth's bravest forces gather in Hyjal, near the base of Nordrassil. Night Elves. Horde. Alliance. Brought together by their common enemy, the Burning Legion's assault can only crumble by toppling it's mighty leader...

Pre-Patch Notes:

The pre-patch in preparation for PrimalWoW's release of The Battle for Mount Hyjal AKA Hyjal Summit is upon us! Some tweaks are being made to class specs in order to keep more specs viable and equal as they should be. These changes and values are subject to further alterations as necessary. There will also be a couple of changes to existing content coupled with the release of this new raid:


  • Feral (Bear) - Protector of the Pack reduces damage taken by an additional 4%.

  • Feral (Bear) - Lacerate and Maul damage increased by 10%.

  • Feral (Bear) - Swipe damage increased by 30%.

  • Balance - Wrath and Starfire mana cost reduced by 10%.

  • Holy - Divine Illumination talent mana cost reduced to 70% off.

  • Discipline - call for testing! At this time, we do not have sufficient data from active Discipline Priest enthusiasts. We can see they aren't as popular or viable as Holy Priests, so please, help us figure out why. If we can gather sufficient data before the next pre-patch, we'd love to make changes to this class spec!

  • Shadow - Devouring Plague, Shadow Word Pain, Mind Blast, Mind Flay and Vampiric Touch mana cost reduction increased to 25% off.

  • Elemental - Elemental Oath talent (both ranks) extra spell damage increased by 30%.

  • Fury - Rampage aura (talent) will also increase the casting Warrior's damage by 30%.


  • Bosses, boss adds, and trash all custom tuned to be challenging.

  • Jewelcrafting pattern and Tier 6 vendors added, although inaccessible until release.

  • Boss and trash loot redone to ensure equal and appropriate drop rates for our population.

  • All known bugs or exploits resolved.


  • Damage for all mobs in all dungeons reduced by 10%.

  • Health for all mobs in all dungeons reduced by 20%.


  • Damage for all mobs reduced by 20%.

  • Health for all mobs reduced by 30%.


  • Soridormi's Band of Eternity quests available at Hyjal full release.


All three Opera events of Karazhan have been fixed and loot corrected. They will be fully released alongside the Hyjal pre-patch. This update will apply to both TrueWoW and PrimalWoW, so everyone can get on with the show!

The Battle for Mount Hyjal is scheduled for midnight release on June 7th, 2018!

As always, stay true

- The TrueWoW Team
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