[7636]Stave of the Ancients

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[7636]Stave of the Ancients

#1 » Post by Fierce » 11 Feb 2013 11:45


Simone and Solenor can't be talk to so they won't turned into a demon thus obtaining their head is impossible.

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Re: [7636]Stave of the Ancients

#2 » Post by Doctor_J » 04 Mar 2013 21:35

Well came to test this you say could not talk to two npcs, I cannot even find npcs to try and talk to them in the first place

There are no spawns of Simone the Seductress, Klinfran the Crazed, Solenor the Slayer or Artorius the Doombringer and on top of that Vartrus the Ancient which is the NPC which gives/takes this quest is not even spawned

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