Valhalla Awaits - Its Creation and its Downfall

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Valhalla Awaits - Its Creation and its Downfall

#1 » Post by Sanity » 26 Oct 2012 00:29

Valhalla Awaits - Its Creation and its Downfall

So I'm writing this wall of text because I feel some clarification is necessary due to recent issues. You may or not bother to read, it's up to you. Please do note I'm giving the most neutral views I can, without resorting to any sort of name-calling whatsoever. I just feel some clarification is necessary.

Guardians of Yggdrasil ... Ah, one great project that was. That will always remain a sweet memory to me. It was a guild with a strong core group that performed very well in our current raids, and got along well when not raiding as well. It's a memory I'll never forget (even though leaving it on some abandoned alt a few days ago). Some of you may still remember it as well.

Long story short, for personal reasons I've left the game. I've never found a decent new leader for it, sadly. After a while, I got back to play again. Logged in, and found my old guild abandoned, as expected. However I did get in contact with a few highly valued individuals, whom like myself missed the good old days we had with GoY. Eventually, I was more or less urged to repeat its history and make it better. Create another guild in the image of GoY and have it shine!

Thus, Valhalla Awaits was born, consisting of only very few members. Soon, however (as opposed to GoY), we attracted mainstream attention (as opposed to the GoY project) and became a major competitive force on the battlefield of guild influence. This never was my intention, and I was and still am incompetent of managing a guild of such proportions. But I tried. Rather than being fully in charge myself, I had to attempt to "delegate" "responsibilities" to other members, and as such a core officer group was formed and maintained.

At this point, often enough already, an alarm bell rang for me. I noticed this new guild was drifting away from the old principles of decent skill, mutual respect, and a more or less social basis. However, due to my private circumstances, I was not in a position to actively act upon this. By now you all know I was GM Demian on spermik, I had much more on my mind than simply dealing with guild issues; ingame as well as outside the game. The guild further grew in popularity, and I further grew incapable of dealing with its expansion. Even though I received a lot of assistance from the current officers, the assumed principles the guild was to be based on was forgotten.

And then the merge. It made things far, far more difficult from a guild perspective, in all honesty. People too often changed names, changed factions, changed everything and not being 100% active ingame, it's near-impossible to keep up with this. Being guild leader of a major Horde guild did not make things any easier, especially considering I had bigger plans than actively leading a guild (HoR, for example). Regardless, I'm not supposed to be whining here, things just obviously went way out of control and the foundation the guild was supposed to be built upon was neglected, where only silly temporary measures were taken.

It was only after a case of serious fighting inside the guild, where I was personally involved, when I realized how far off from the initial project specifications we were. There's no reason to go into details, here. At this point I finally admitted and realized all written above. And there I was, left with a guild I felt no part of anymore, left with a dozen nameless people per one appreciated member, and on top of that several unresolvable conflicts between members. No longer capable of resolving the issues mentioned, I did what I considered correct.

And thus I've left the guild. I've needed some peace (imagine several guild requests a day, from unknown people delegated back to you by officers, it's ... Hell). Until this moment, I haven't given my guild a proper explanation yet, besides the fact that I've offered leadership to anyone that would seriously intend to claim it (unsurprisingly, nobody contacted me about this). This is why. I failed to make the guild into the place I wanted it to be, due to lack in time, and an awkward explosion in popularity. All principles I wished to apply in making this guild have been ruthlessly neglected. By me. By the people that joined. By the people representing the guild. Valhalla Awaits at this moment is a failed project, being kept alive by nothing more than the will to raid, get achievements, and get gear ASAP.

As mentioned before, I do not wish to point any fingers. I have respected and still respect everyone that has been an officer in my guild, and everyone that has been a part of that guild's core. I am stunned, however, by the amount of wild, ungrounded, speculation going on at this moment about my reasons for abandoning this project. It's up to everyone himself what he or she will end up believing, but my reasons for considering this project closed are far from petty interpersonal arguments. Those, however, have been a catalyst, a reminder, of what is essentially wrong at its core, at its foundation, at its intentions.

Now you may all do as you please. I do not judge anyone. However, after recent news that reached me, I felt urged to lock down the project and let people choose their own ways. Valhalla Awaits is dead, now. I'd encourage everyone to find out what it is they are looking for in this game and find a guild appropriate to their needs. Joining a guild governed by people with needs and desires that are too far from your own might prove very difficult.

And thus I'll conclude this wall of text. I will lock it, as I highly doubt any comments made will be useful. I myself will find my home in a new guild, which will find its own direction in time. I can do no more but encourage people to look for what they require, and if it does not exist, to create it.

-- Dia.

PS: My personal ambitions are not to acquire the best gear in the game as soon as possible. What's left to achieve after that, anyway?


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