Internal Transfers: PW to TW

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Internal Transfers: PW to TW

#1 » Post by Ravenseeker » 27 Aug 2019 13:11

Greetings PrimalWoW community!

Are you playing on PrimalWoW and can't wait to smack the Lich King?
Are you bored of Shattrath and want to move to Dalaran?
Are you just itching to play a Death Knight?
Are you in search of new challenges?

Well then, do we have good news for you!
Our amazing administrator Nuko has finished rewriting the much-requested PrimalWoW to TrueWoW internal copy-transfer system.
This means everyone can now get a full copy of their PrimalWoW characters on TrueWoW Realm!

Please bear in mind, PrimalWoW will still continue its planned progressive release.
This is simply a boon to allow PrimalWoW players to get a sneak peak of what's to come in the future (and perhaps improve the inter-realm relationship).

You can find the new internal transfer system on the website in the Account menu -> Transfer to Server -> Internal Transfer.
Here is a direct link, for your convenience:

If there are any issues, concerns or questions regarding this, please bring it up in the General Support section of the forum:
You may also bring it up in the #support channel of our Discord server: - just mention the details of your issue and await a response.

Best Regards,
TrueWoW Staff


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