Raising Arena Team's Base Rating

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Raising Arena Team's Base Rating

#1 » Post by bobsmyname » 10 Jul 2019 06:24

As the title states, I personally think it'd be healthy to raise the base team ratings upon creation from 0 to 1000, due firstly to the rating requirements on gear being seemingly unrealistic due to the lack of activity; on neither realm is a team high enough to buy the top tier items that require rating (after this season being out for over 7 months).

I'm not suggesting raising all current teams rating by 1000, just for future ones to be created with the higher number.

This would also help out on the MMR difference causing unrealistic wait times between teams, rather than being a 1.3k or 1.7k difference, it'll only be 300 or 700 or whatever. (tops 1 min compared to 10 minutes)

If this would be too inconvenient to implement now we could always wait for the next arena season release for it, though I do think something along these lines needs to be implemented if we ever want to see new players & characters with the top tier pvp gear.

Lastly, before anyone tries to call me out on 'workarounds of the population instead of fixing it', systems like this are used a lot, regardless of the population of the server.
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Re: Raising Arena Team's Base Rating

#2 » Post by Psychotic » 10 Jul 2019 14:30


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