Farewell after 7 years of playing wow with you.

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Farewell after 7 years of playing wow with you.

#1 » Post by Klick17 » 27 Jun 2019 21:07

Hi everyone. I know i'm not known to most people here on TW and PW, but regarding this, i just want to let you all know that, I've been playing on TW for a long time since the time of Spermik and Bloodcraft servers, then the merges of both servers with TW. 8-)
With that said i'm going to be leaving wow for as long as i need/have to since i feel old when playing it, even though i'm actually young. So thanks for all the support and friendships i got to have with some of you, while with others it was more of a battle to decide if we were friends or enemies, but either way, thanks for the time with all of you, and Farewell.
But before i leave, here's some names ill leave you people with that you might've known me by before when i was online from Both the TW, and PW Realms. :)
TW characters: Skylore/Nightshifter, Hardkill/Bloodcaster, Smallcaster/Smallwarlock, and Holydraenei/Lightshiner.
PW characters: Valkill, Nightlore, Theater, and Smallmage. :D
So despite the conflicts i had before,thanks very much for all the Good times, friendships, and supports i had/got with all of you people, and i hope to come back to all of you very soon, even though i'm not exactly sure when ill be back on the server in the future, but until then, farewell, and have a Good and Happy life to live. 8-) :) :D
Note: I used to help out with professions, quests, and gears when i felt like i wanted to, and this was out of a respectful intention, no tricks/lies at all when i did them so. Farewell, and see you people again very soon.

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Re: Farewell after 7 years of playing wow with you.

#2 » Post by Kniteknite » 28 Jun 2019 10:59

Time flies when You're having fun, the only constant in this world is change. It's good to have helpfull and respectfull people around us to share time with, and with the progressions of responsibilities in life, there are more often than not, limits to which we are able to spend this time away from the balance of our efforts in life. It is nice to know You are moving forward with Your endevours, where ever they may lead You. Please know there are always open minds and hearts in the world for You to consider sharing Yours with, and without any price attached. The things most easily learned are usually the things most easily forgotten.
We look forward to seeing You sometime soon, HK. Blessings and good fortune to You My friend,
~(Kniteknite~ :D
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Re: Farewell after 7 years of playing wow with you.

#3 » Post by Seveno5 » 28 Jun 2019 23:26

Thanks for all the fun times playing with you! Have a wonderful life and maybe see you!
/hug Eurelia ~ Treysure

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Re: Farewell after 7 years of playing wow with you.

#4 » Post by Joh0239 » 29 Jun 2019 12:41

Was nice knowing you! Thanks for all the Great feasts and Elixirs of Giant Growth you given me over the years! :D
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Re: Farewell after 7 years of playing wow with you.

#5 » Post by Klick17 » 29 Jun 2019 18:37

Zortax, i think you meant gigantic feasts since those are the ones that gave you a huge size increase along with the Elixirs of giant growth, but if you meant Great feasts in a way that refers to all of them, the giant size giver, small size giver, and raid buff feasts, then you're very welcome for all of them, and have a good and happy life to you good sir.
Treysure, you're also welcome for all the good times i had with you. Have a good and happy life, and farewell.
Thanks for the time with both of you, and see you 2 very soon. :) :D

Also, thank you very much Gm's and admins for all the supports i needed with the unsure problems i had with some glitches, bugs, and some other issues. It was very good to see and know that there was some people who not only were, but also are more skilled, aware, and known about the issues than i was and handled them all after reporting the specific problems that were found in the specific zones. So yes, thanks a whole lot for those supports with the issues, farewell to you, and you also go have a Good and Happy life to live. :D


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