Icc25hc Full Clear of 2019

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Icc25hc Full Clear of 2019

#1 » Post by Joh0239 » 11 Feb 2019 21:22

The Lich King finally died in 25HC with over 2 years ruling the server with an iron fist. Lk been killed before last year but not from the Hellraisers crew and now his Rule over us have ended.

Participants of first Lk25hc kill of 2019: https://imgur.com/a/5TUX4vD
Announcement by IronSharona: https://www.facebook.com/TrueWoW.Server ... 2326896585

Next Icc25hc will be this Saturday (16th February) 18:30 ST. If you're interested, show up on time and there might be a spot open. Will focus on getting a good composition.

Hellraisers is always recruiting more people who want's to join the guild and our raids. Ask Virdo, Orochy or Zortax (me) if you want a guild invite.

When you join our raids it's recommended that you have gone through this to know more about loot rules and raid mechanics for Icc and RS. Requirement is in fact that you have looked up mechanics for bosses before joining 25 raids since we want as fast and smooth runs as possible.
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... edit#gid=0

Thanks to everyone who joined and made this happen!
Mandatory Character List:
Zortax - Fury/Prot
Zortix - Boomkin/Restoration
Zortex - MM
Thepower - Ele/Restoration
Elfen - Prot/Ret
Discbelf - Shadow/Disc
Deathen - Frost/Hybrid
Oombacca - Restoration
Kelbert - Demonology
Froxy - Arcane/Fire

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Re: Icc25hc Full Clear of 2019

#2 » Post by Bloodshade » 13 Feb 2019 19:37


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Re: Icc25hc Full Clear of 2019

#3 » Post by Kniteknite » 13 Feb 2019 23:04

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Re: Icc25hc Full Clear of 2019

#4 » Post by Regent » 14 Feb 2019 10:27

Well worth it.

We went without a LoD kill for over 2 years thanks to the loss in population which created problems with finding replacements for AFKers, offliners, ragequitters, slackers, poor performers, etc, once all the easy bosses were out of the way. The players we've had lately aren't exactly of the caliber as the elite groups we've had in the past during our glory days, both in terms of gear and experience.
Be that as it may, we made it. We cleared 11/12 in one day, attempted LK the next day without much success (dropped down to 12 attempts remaining) and then we continued LK after the reset by extending the ID.

Considering that we had to contend with shadow traps not always landing on its intended target in phase 1 (DBM would call it out for Rdps and it would land on Mdps or OT, and vice versa), and the fact that sometimes the Valkyrs flew too high from the ground during phase 2 (which made it hard for mdps to burst them down), we had to adjust our tactics a few times until we got it right while trying to eliminate weak-links from our group that kept holding us back (trap fails / plague passing fails, defile fails, not stacking properly, etc).
But finally, after 39 attempts in total, we managed to nail LK.

It took several days, a ton of consumables, time, effort and energy but here we are; now, we'll do our best to keep this going.
And before naysayers (you know who you are) get all high and mighty about the bugs which made LK 25hc too easy in the past - they're all fixed now thanks to Andriuspel and the others.
The problems I mentioned have already been reported and I hope they'll be solved too. And given the staff's record lately, I'm sure they will.

10 people in our group had never even been to LK before and we only had 5-6 people who were in the 6.1 to 6.6 GS range, everyone else was below this gear level.
Worst of all, we had to deal with the update time difference problem that was causing spell lag constantly during the fight (1 to 1.5 sec delays on every spell ability, etc). This + the 2 bugs I mentioned above for p1 and p2 + the newcomers we had, all these things combined to create a situation was quite stressful to deal with.
Nevertheless, we didn't give up and this is the result.

1. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... 005810.jpg
2. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... 005820.jpg
3. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... 005823.jpg
4. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... 005929.jpg

Next goal: get LK25hc down into farm-mode while perfecting our techniques and then slowly move on to Halion 25hc with the roster of players we have now while training more newcomers along the way.

Thanks for bringing me along. It was a joy to see this finally happen again.
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Re: Icc25hc Full Clear of 2019

#5 » Post by Dymond » 14 Feb 2019 12:06

Congratulations! Well done!
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Re: Icc25hc Full Clear of 2019

#6 » Post by Justicelight » 16 Feb 2019 23:59

Congrats to everyone!
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