Logging On and Update.

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Logging On and Update.

#1 » Post by ForFriedRice » 01 Sep 2018 21:17

I just downloaded the TrueWow WOTLK client and I started it up. I have a game account and when I typed in my login stuff it tells me there is a patch required. It does not download anything and tells me that the patch failed to download. What am I doing wrong here.

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Re: Logging On and Update.

#2 » Post by Liliatna » 01 Sep 2018 21:27

Sounds like you're trying to use an E-mail address to log in.

As per the FAQ:
Nyeriah wrote:
17 Mar 2014 06:14
Q: Whenever I try logging in, my client tries to patch up. Help!
This can happen for a few reasons:
By having the default realmlist set at config files: make sure your realmlist.wtf (found at "./World of Warcraft/Data/enUS" or enGB depending on your client) file is set to "login.truewow.org". If it is, also double check your config.wtf (found at "./World of Warcraft/WTF") file and make sure it's also set there to "login.truewow.org".

Also, do not use your registration email to log in. Alway use the account username you created at the Account Manager ("Create and Link" in-game account).
Always be sure to use your account name. The client is apparently hardcoded to connect to Blizzard if you enter an e-mail address.

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