idea for encouraging population growth

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idea for encouraging population growth

#1 » Post by Nymesis » 13 Jul 2018 02:10

I've been seeing a lot of people lately logging on for a couple of minutes just long enough to make a comment in world about how low the population is and how depressed this makes them... and then they log right back off again. Which of course, in turn, only further contributes to the low population problem. If these players would just stick around, population would start to increase. So how about a reason for them to stay online?

Here is my suggestion:

Implement a reward system for actively playing, say points for the online store. Now by active, I don't mean just online and avoiding AFK mode with a button pusher - actually doing something. So reward amounts could be put in place for each quest completed, each achievement gained - killing bosses in dungeons or raids that match your level. Even just farming herbs, skins or ore - or for certain numbers of mobs killed that are worth experience to the player.

Granted I don't know how hard it is to track this stuff or how difficult it would be to implement such a system - but if it could be done, I think it would encourage more people to stay online and help our population recover and make a comeback.
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Re: idea for encouraging population growth

#2 » Post by Stavromoon » 16 Jul 2018 16:06

I like the suggestion. I'm also in favor of a realm wide way of working together in raids etc. If you are from Earthen Ring server in the old days, remember SASU? Swords and Spells United? That way it wasn't always a guild raid, it was a SASU raid, with people from many guilds. We kind of do it now, but there might be a way to organize it?

I always /join sasu as default, and would love to see others in the channel - use it for recruiting for raids. Right now World chat works but as we grow it might get a little unwieldy?

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