Transmog cross armor types

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Transmog cross armor types

#1 » Post by Dude » 27 May 2018 15:47

Some weeks ago i was positively surprised by the possibility to transmog items to have the style of a different armor type item. Naturally, as a plate wearer there was a huge lot of opportunities opening up and it was actually the moment that got me to care about transmog at all. (Mostly because i could finally use cloth heads that look great and dont hide beards!)

However, after putting together some more ideas and visiting the mog npc again yesterday, it seems that this option is gone. I do understand that this is not blizzlike at all and was most likely an unintended bug, but it did not feel like one.

Long story short, my suggestion is to revert the 'bugfix' and leave all the cosmetic possibilities open for us to create the most exquisite styles! It's a purely cosmetic and optional feature, so why not have it the most fun way possible.

Any cons?
-'i don't want my tank to be looking like a priest, thats ridicolous!'->disable transmog, problem solved
-'why is that mage suddenly charging me in wsg? thats an unfair disguise!'->disable transmog, problem solved (or if possible prohibit transmog in pvp environments by default)
-'this puts plate wearers into an advantage, since they can use near all non class bound items!'->consider removing the restriction that the style-item has to be usable (i didnt think through the implications though)

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Re: Transmog cross armor types

#2 » Post by Regent » 27 May 2018 16:17

That was a bug and it's been fixed (thank goodness).
This has already been suggested before and it's been heavily opposed, for obvious reasons:

Classes lose their unique distinction if this is allowed again.
You'll find that the majority of the community was in opposition of this as well.
My own reasons are already stated here:

-1 and a firm NO.

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Re: Transmog cross armor types

#3 » Post by Dude » 27 May 2018 17:06

Thanks for your input, I did indeed not read that older thread. To be fair, it adresses a slightly different topic.
I did not find any 'obvious reasons' in that thread though. I do understand the argument of class uniqueness, when it comes to class restricted items. Leave tier sets to their respective class, so they can go for their very 'unique' style. Classes just do not have unique styles apart from being restricted to armor types and that puts them into equivalence classes with any other class using the same type.
We should think about the intentions of transmog on a very basic level. My idea is that it adresses the issue of chosing between style and useful gear. If I wanted to, I could always just wear cloth as a warrior or even worse had to as a vanilla paladin. Why not allow them to recreate that look?
Another point adressed by transmog is to counter class uniqueness and trade it for character uniqueness. I would rather allow everyone to create their own unique style (at the cost of some trolls) than to have everyone look the same in their tier sets.

However, this argument can not be won by logic i assume. Neither can it be lost.
So I will just wait and defend the idea. Let the very democratic +/-1 spam begin!

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Re: Transmog cross armor types

#4 » Post by Botmaster5 » 07 Jun 2018 19:56

I have a counter suggestion. Instead of allowing ALL transmogs for gear slots, how about just allowing to xmog up? Cloth to everything, Leather to Mail and Plate, and Mail to Plate.

This would allow classes, like dps warrs and enh shamans that wear leather and mail, to be xmog'd up to their appropriate gear type.

Gone are the days of fury warriors looking like circus clowns in their plate/leather/mail gear hodgepodge.

Setting it up this way would remove the Aha! moments like getting charged and MS'd by a clothie.
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