Hi new Player (soon)

Newcomers of all levels are welcomed with their questions. There are always helpful and knowledgeable people ready to share some of their wisdom.
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Hi new Player (soon)

#1 » Post by petchx » 24 Jul 2015 12:50

hi Primal players!

I've played retail WoW now since vanilla and recently felt very drained with the game in it's current state. I went back and found a vanilla server which, admittedly I love but the population on it can be overwhelmingly frustrating. Then a TBC server which everyone seems to be 70 and very few people seem to be leveling and then I came across, courtesy of /r/wowservers this lovely little gem of a community. Such a rad sounding idea tbh like it's a massive undertaking.

Anyway I'm here now. Downloading the client as we speak, on horrendous australian internet lmao (casually leaves it running all night); was just wondering something though; is RP/Roleplay generally allowed here? I have a small group of friends who would likely come over if it meant playing through vanilla > wotlk and being able to RP at the same time, we adore it, but the current (retail) game is getting progressively more sucky for it. So would it be okay to do it here?

And secondly; because of the wotlk mechanics, is leveling the same as vanilla (mind numbingly slow) or is it slightly sped up at least because the exp nerfs were a thing by wotlk?



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Re: Hi new Player (soon)

#2 » Post by Zanmato » 24 Jul 2015 13:06

Hello Petch and welcome to PrimalWoW.

You might want to know that there's a guild on the alliance called <Roleplayer> which seems to be focusing on.... tum tum tum .... you've guessing it: Roleplaying !
I'll drop a link for their forum introduction so you can get a hold of them if you want to: http://www.primalwow.org/forum/viewtopi ... 18&t=15769

Hope you have fun.

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Re: Hi new Player (soon)

#3 » Post by Fice94 » 24 Jul 2015 13:10

RP is allowed if I know correctly.
On Alliance there is even a RP Only Guild.
Leveling is around 1/2 the time from vanilla wow cuz of exp reduction per level, also you can pretty much rdf from 15 - 60 if you want to do so.
(RDF EXP Bonus increasing per Level)
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Re: Hi new Player (soon)

#4 » Post by Guts » 24 Jul 2015 13:33

Welcome to Primal!

Not much else to add here, Zanmato and Fice94 have already answered your questions ;)

However, if you wish to help with the faction balance in the community, I suggest that you and your friends join the Horde.
Check here for the activity difference: http://www.primalwow.org/online-charts

Good luck, enjoy yourselves!
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