[12981] Hot And Cold

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[12981] Hot And Cold

#1 » Post by Raavi » 14 Dec 2013 14:56


1. Drop rate for the Essence of Ice (http://www.wowhead.com/item=42246) is wrong. After killing 3 full respawns (21 Revenants) I got 8 essences while the drop rate should be 100%

2. Essence of Ice doesn't always work. Out of 8 attempts I got 5 Frozen Iron Scraps. In remaining 3 cases the "bullet" from the essence went into the ground or nearby Seething Revenant even thou there were plenty of Smoldering Scraps closer.

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Re: [12981] Hot And Cold

#2 » Post by Doctor_J » 14 Dec 2013 15:18

Well cant confirm drop chance (wowhead still stays 69% but if you read comments on wowhead it does give 2 pieces of information

1) Also, you shouldnt stand too close when using the Essence. Sometimes they won't work.
2) I tried to use one while fighting a Seething Revenant: consumed the essence, didn't target a nearby piece of scrap. After the combat ended, I stood in the same place and was able to use the other 2 in my inventory, targeting pieces of scrap a good 10-15 yards away.
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Re: [12981] Hot And Cold

#3 » Post by Raavi » 15 Dec 2013 12:28

OK, today's test:
15 kills gave 6 essences which is definetly not 69%.
Also - note that Wowhead has it's 69% based on:
1. Historical stats
2. ALL kills, including those made by people who did not have the quest and/or already have the quest complete

Comments below clearly state that as of patch 3.3.0 the requirement changed from 5 to 6 but drop rate increased to 100%:
By Dowscar (511 – 4·6) on 2009/12/08 (Patch 3.3.0) Report
As of 3.3, the requirement seems to be 6 scraps instead of 5.

harmar on 2009/12/08 (Patch 3.3.0)
you are right, however it also seems like essence of ice is now a 100% drop rate. i got 6 in a row. Fair trade off having to do 1 more, but it being a 100% drop.
By Nordigo (4,642 – 5·45) on 2010/01/08 (Patch 3.3.0) Report
Interesting to note, now with the 100% droprate, this is completable before the Katy Perry song has played out :P
Today somehow all 6 essences that I got gave me 6 scraps correctly

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Re: [12981] Hot And Cold

#4 » Post by Raavi » 22 Dec 2013 18:04

Another test today - 14 kills so far gave me 5 essences which sets drop rate at around 35%
Out of those 5 essences 2 failed to work correctly.

21 kills gave me 9 essences
Out of those 4 failed

This is a very frustrating daily...

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