Amani Berserker [Minor Buff Bug]

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Amani Berserker [Minor Buff Bug]

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The Amani Bersker, a level 9-10 mob in the Tor'Watha area of Eversong Woods, is a quest mob required to be killed for the quest Amani Encroachment.
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The Berserker, along with its equally leveled Shadow Priest counterpart, ordinarily hit for a maximum of around 12 damage, from what I have observed. The berserker, like some other mobs, has a near death buff which triggers the "Amani Berserker becomes enraged!" emote in the world. This is supposed to, in ordinary circumstances, increase his attack speed by sixty percent and the damage dealt per swing by fifty percent. However, I have observed several times over that when the buff activates, the Amani Berserkers are hitting an upwards of 55-60 damage per swing against a cloth user, far exceeding the expected fifty percent increase in damage. With the increased attack speed to add to the damage increase, the Berserkers become quite an annoyance to kill once they have activated the buff. Short of skipping the quest altogether, combat with the Berserkers is unavoidable. It is still easily possible to kill them, but that entails keeping them at a distance, which, for many players, can prove to be a difficult feat at the least, especially for the classes with a melee focus, or no way to Fear or produce a long stun effect on the enemy.

Really only a minor bug, but one I thought should be reported in nonetheless.
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