New Changes by Blizzard.

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New Changes by Blizzard.

#1 » Post by m0t3k » 19 Nov 2023 16:36

Do you think the new changes that were made by blizzard to the current patch can be incorporated here as well? This can be one of the few servers out there with those changes working. I am talking about the new glyphs, and spell changes for example:

A new Major Glyph for Paladins has been added to the game: Glyph of Reckoning - Your Hand of Reckoning spell no longer taunts the target and can deal damage to untauntable targets. This glyph can be learned from Inscription Trainers in Dalaran.
The Holy Vengeance and Blood Corruption DoT effects from Seal of Vengeance and Seal of Corruption may now be applied by Divine Storm and Crusader Strike, in addition to normal melee hits.
( ... ns/1511714)

Hunter - A new skill has been added for Hunters : Trap Launcher: Explosive Trap.
This skill can be trained at any Hunter class trainer and is available to all specs.
This new skill is not usable in PvP Arenas or Battlegrounds. ... amosGaming

There are likely more changes to other classes as well, I did not have the time to gather them all, those are the ones of the top of my head, would love to hear opinions, and the Staffs conclusion on wheather or not this is even possible.

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Re: New Changes by Blizzard.

#2 » Post by jgamon » 19 Nov 2023 20:59

For me, I hope not. I played on blizz new changes and it is not as good as the original WOTLK. I hope this server keeps it as the original, etc. Just my two cents.

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Re: New Changes by Blizzard.

#3 » Post by Enraged87 » 20 Nov 2023 18:12


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Re: New Changes by Blizzard.

#4 » Post by Rascall » 20 Nov 2023 23:41

There are many changes in wotlk classic not only a few glyphs or abilities. Feral received glyph of omen of clarity giving it 100% chance to get omen on faerie fire. DRW on blood dk was reworked, too, I think. Many new vendors in Dalaran selling raid quality items. Rhcs received new hard modes.

The question is if you accept custom content into old wotlk. Considering how much complaints went into something simple as allowing rhc queue to pop for those who need it the most (fresh players), I don´t see any custom modification achievable. I also don´t think this custom stuff is needed.

I was following the discussion and ferals received the glyph to simplify life for ferals. Blizzard mentioned that feral gameplay got unnecessarily complicated, out of what they intended, with bearweaving and spamming mark of wild to get omen they just gave free omen procs, the glyph is bis in wotlk classic.

For hunters the situation was different. Explosive Trap Launcher was introduced cause the game itself complicates life for hunters (hard to place it properly under some bosses due to hit box or just unique boss fight). Trap weaving is especially important for survival hunter in pve.

You know, I still think wotlk required a few good patches after Ruby Sanctum just to optimise some specs more, some tweaks to balance things more. Sometimes it is only 1-2 little additions needed. Look at subtlety rogue, they added energy regeneration ability Recuperate and eviscerate refreshing rupture and the spec not only works in pve in cataclysm but it is a very high dps. Otherwise it is identical gameplay to wotlk subtlety.
Rascall Retribution/Holy
Rascallus Blood (tank)/Unholy (DPS)
Rascalluz Affliction/Demonology
Rascalles Feral (bear)/Balance
Rascallez Assassination
Rascallis Arms (DPS)/Arms (tank)
Razcall Marksmanship/Survival
Razcallus Fury/Protection
Razcalluz Feral (cat)/Restoration
Razcalles Combat/Subtlety
Razcaellez Beast Mastery
Razcaell Discipline/Holy
Razcaelllus Enhancement/Restoration
Razcaelluz Blood (DPS)/Frost (tank)
Razcaelles Elemental/Spellhance
Razcaellez Arcane/Frostfire
Rascaell Protection
Rascaellus Frost (DPS)/Unholy (tank)
Rascaelluz Fire/Frost
Rascaelles Shadow
Rascaellez Destruction

...and more...

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