The Ironman Challenge.

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Re: The Ironman Challenge.

#1051 » Post by Dymond » 23 May 2023 00:25

I tested 6-7 times in live realm and currently testing in ptr, but having issues keeping a level 30 alive, that quest is red for a level 30 character. Also the imp didnt get stuck inside, he was dpsing from the doorway. Also looks like you ran to the water to get away from the mob in the first place. Need more of the log and not just the self, need everything that happened.
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Re: The Ironman Challenge.

#1052 » Post by MasterPooBaa » 24 May 2023 09:37

Speaking of this particular encounter, is it accurate mob behavior for the mob (and his companion) to completely ignore ones pet? Even doing a FD as soon as you stand up the mob comes back to you.

Theres another quest mob in Stormwind (some dorf in old town) that has the same behavior.

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