Ironman and...?

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Ironman and...?

#1 » Post by Bobins » 13 May 2022 13:21

I think the ironman challenge is a great idea, but why stop there?

Perhaps it would be a goods idea to get several challenges going. Some small scale, some large scale? You could use the full range of the game to set goals, like crafting, rep, achievements, questing, alts, raiding and so on.

Get 10 characters to lvl 80.
Craft a classic epic item
Max all skills and profs (unarmed, fishing et etc)

This is just a rough idea of examples of what I am getting at. Perhaps other can contribite to this thread with their ideas but the bottom line is I think we should have more than just ironman. The more we have, the more people will engage.

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Re: Ironman and...?

#2 » Post by Klick17 » 17 May 2022 08:21

The whole point of Ironman is to test your level of persistence which is how long you're willing to continue trying and not quit along the way to the finishing point and succeed to the end, patience to determine the amount of time you can wait to reach it without having to lose your temper while waiting, and power to determine the level of your strenght and skillls to show how strong you are enough to kill the mobs to the end without being killed by them. So regarding all this, just continue doing it without having to bail out from the challenge and do it (only) as the rules said= white and gray gear only, not! green, blue, and purple to make it easy which will be the opposite purpose of the challenge to suceed to the end. :) :D

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