The Realmlist and an addon

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The Realmlist and an addon

#1 » Post by Fastor » 23 Nov 2021 02:27

Hello all,
It seems that the links for the realm list and the addon are actually coming from my Google Drive, and some time ago Google sent me a message and changed my settings that I need to verify each download before anyone could download it. I tried to change the settings back to what it was but, nothing good came out of it.
Could you please host the Realmlist and the "A Quest Test" addon on this site so people could download it from here instead of my GDrive?

A Quest Test:
Realmlist: I don't even know where is the link on this site but it leads to this ... mk4b1lqdGs

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Re: The Realmlist and an addon

#2 » Post by zmaj » 23 Nov 2021 21:26


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