Biweekly Newsfeed #7

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Biweekly Newsfeed #7

#1 » Post by Ayoe » 23 Aug 2021 13:09

This week’s news feed is going to be short. Shortly will we remind you of the Arena Events, which have been started, and could use some more participation. Then we will remind you of the benefits of doing Random Heroic Dungeons and last we will celebrate another birthday.
Shall we begin?

The Arena Events have been active 4 times now, but the attendance is a little bit low. We notice a lot of people are sitting out due to lack of an arena partner or the fact that they do not like the arena environment. Our suggestion is that experienced players try to find a less experienced partner to balance out the situation a bit, and by that also give the new PvP players a chance to have someone to learn from and actually have equal chance of winning. This is not a demand, but a suggestion. Without your help, as players, we will never get this more active. We will do our parts and promote the event, be there every event we can, but do not forget your role in this is even bigger than ours. Together we can bring balance to Arenas too!
When all this is said, do not forget we have Arena Events on Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm, and on Saturday at 5pm!

Random Heroic Dungeons
At level 68 you get the ability to que in the Normal Random Dungeon Finder which will give you Emblems of Triumph, though only the first Random Dungeon do so. When you reach level 80 you might have to do some more normal dungeons to get some gear, because you need an Item Level of 187 to enter Random Heroic Dungeon Finder. To help you with gearing we have added some daily quests that you can do each day, with only two available a day. You take the quests at the Violet Hold, where the weekly quest is also. One of them has to be completed in Heroic Dungeons, but the other one can be completed In the normal version of the dungeon. You have probably done all of the dungeons many times but did you know if you completed all the dungeon achievements that are part of Glory of the Hero, you get rewarded with Red-Proto Drake.


Happy Birthday
It's time to celebrate another birthday! This time we're congratulating a guild that's been with us since 22nd of August 2014. No matter if you have looked for companionship when leveling, having fun in RHC or entering raids, they've been there providing it. It's a friendly guild with focus on comradery while enjoying all aspects of the game. A place where everyone is welcome, a place to be seen and improve their skills and knowledge about the game. Older members might remember them as XXI or Devils Own. The guild is Raiders On the Storm or ROTS as they are usually called nowadays.
They describe themselves as more than a guild, a family. A second home if you will. They've been with us for 7 strong years with it's ups and downs but what is consistent is their place on TrueWoW.
Happy Birthday and thanks for these 7 years! Cheers for the upcoming seven!

We hope you have enjoyed this newsletter. If you have any suggestions for upcoming releases - let us known in Private Messages on the forums or on the Discord server. Thank you for playing TrueWoW!

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Re: Biweekly Newsfeed #7

#2 » Post by Nyeriah » 23 Aug 2021 15:21

Aye aye, happy anniversary to ROTS!
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Re: Biweekly Newsfeed #7

#3 » Post by Siisz » 23 Aug 2021 16:12

Thank you to staff and Nyeriah :)
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