Add instant level 80 to shop services

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Add instant level 80 to shop services

#1 » Post by vladancar » 29 Oct 2020 18:36


wondering how many players are interested in adding "instant level 80" to shop services.
I think there are a lot of TrueWoW players who started their WoW journey 10+ years ago, when times were easier(less job or no job, school, college, simple more time to play and enjoy WoW) but the times are changing, so is my time to play on TrueWoW.
Yes I know you will say now but there is already experience boost option, but still after leveling some number of toons, many of us are tired of it and I dont see this option as a cheat code, because this option buys me only the leveling time.

My suggestion is to add this service for a decent amount to pay for it, add ilvl 232 gear or less to character, no professions/gold/reputation included, only race/class of our choice.

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Re: Add instant level 80 to shop services

#2 » Post by nikkal » 29 Oct 2020 18:59

-10 We really don't need that with 3x xp and it's really fast to level if you just do dungeons with friends.. + there are transfer options... so instant 80 is... obsolete
in my opinion.

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Re: Add instant level 80 to shop services

#3 » Post by Dymond » 29 Oct 2020 19:11

-10 Also, players can already use the transfer system.
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Re: Add instant level 80 to shop services

#4 » Post by skyx » 30 Oct 2020 12:31

If I was server admin, I would consider instant 80 depending on server finances since it is a BLIZZ-LIKE service but not WOTLK-like.

However, even low item level gear should not be sold in the shop or it would set a precendent of p2w items in the shop.

Anyways, getting to 80 with x3 is between 1 or 2 days playtime so it isn't that bad.

Personally, I think instant 70 is a decent compromise seeing how a competing wotlk server offers it too.

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Re: Add instant level 80 to shop services

#5 » Post by Nyeriah » 31 Oct 2020 03:57

The only bad thing about this is that you often give characters to people that don't know how to play it. Otherwise, nothing really that bad about it. Blizzard took that road, and apart from the aforementioned, I have yet to come across any other pertinent issue as a player.
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Re: Add instant level 80 to shop services

#6 » Post by andriuspel » 31 Oct 2020 04:38

To raise 80 level would take aprox 2-3 days (nolifer mode) by having 3x XP rate + all kinds of heirlooms + by having plan how you will keep leveling. Also p2w content won't make you better player either. Players are friendly on both realms, they would help you with dungeons or quests, or tips, its mostly up to you.

If you will decide to level, sometimes check quest videos if you will encounter questions about current quests.

On this suggestion I will remain neutral but I really will not support any ideas to put items to shop which would give gear advantages
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