Factionchange Price change

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Factionchange Price change

#1 » Post by Pucken » 15 Apr 2020 16:09

In the early days of truewow the factions meant a huge deal for the reality of world of warcraft. But since the times changes and the lower player amount and the fact that it´s no diference anymore in alliance or horde (cause of CF) I don´t see why it should be priced 500 votepoints in this time of the community. When we get the player amount up I don´t see a problem in increasing the points again. A fair price would be 250 votepoints in my opinion for now Sincerly a Happy player

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Re: Factionchange Price change

#2 » Post by Justicelight » 15 Apr 2020 17:42

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Re: Factionchange Price change

#3 » Post by Joh0239 » 15 Apr 2020 22:29

+1 Races now is more cosmetic or just to get another racial ability, I see no issue with lower the cost.
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Re: Factionchange Price change

#4 » Post by Roel » 16 Apr 2020 00:14

The shop is full of cosmetics, that's no reason to make it cheaper. The only reason it was lowered in the past was because of faction imbalance in BGs but that doesn't matter with cross faction. It's one of the few things people will bother to get points for although voting is not as important as it once was. And it certainly shouldn't be cheaper than regular race change.

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Re: Factionchange Price change

#5 » Post by Axis » 01 May 2020 21:21

Still open for discussion.
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Re: Factionchange Price change

#6 » Post by natnat123 » 02 May 2020 00:25

-1, no reason to change it. CF actually means it's needed less (no need to faction change to play with friends etc).


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