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A question

#1 » Post by doncope1 » 23 Jul 2018 23:17

Hello TrueWoW Community,

I was just passing by and why not I created an account on here just to ask few questions. Furthermore, I cannot even decide whether should I continue playing this game or just quit or head towards the league. I have been playing this game since 2009, I got bored few years ago I stopped, then I came back like last year or something like that. Currently I am looking for a server to play on, been playing only TBC and WotLK for now. So the question now that I am going to ask, what is the current population of this server right now?

I was browsing tones of servers, nothing suits me, it's like kinda lower population most of the time there and some totally other community where you should pay to get a free entrance and I got bored 'cause of that no visa nothing atm and no such option like mobile payment option from my area. Anyways, hopefully someone answers in the meantime!


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Re: A question

#2 » Post by Dunkelstein » 24 Jul 2018 12:38


https://truewow.org/statistics?fromlvl= ... in=2592000
^here you can check how many chars are logged in and how many have logged in in the past day/week/month.
I can't say for truewow but for the primalwow realm we get 100-120 player peaks at the moment (usually on sunday nights). Most people say the population is too low for wow, but realistically you only need 25 players to do the highest group content and there are multiple guilds raiding at different times (atleast on primal).
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Re: A question

#3 » Post by Regent » 24 Jul 2018 12:48

-- Peak playing hours on TW: between 6-7 PM till 12-1 AM midnight (Paris time).

--Population peaks around 30-40, sometimes 50 with around 15-25 level 80s among the total.

--The bugs continue to decrease week by week, every Wednesday, especially now that we have Andruispel actively fixing TW to try to bring it back to where it was when we had our old core.

--Staff experience depends on your actions. If you're a good, rule abiding player, you won't have any issues. If you're a rule breaking scumbag, the staff has no reason to be nice to you in your dealings with them. Take it with a grain of salt. Opinions vary from player to player, just like people's opinions of police in real life.

--Voting gets you some nice stuff, but nothing game-breaking. You have to earn your gear like everyone else by playing the game. You can't donate for it. You can donate for fun / cosmetic stuff but that's it. The money goes toward supporting the server.

As a TW player, my opinion is that we're more like a small village rather than a city now. We all know each other at this point (for the most part) and we take care of our own. You're welcome here like everyone else. Just have an open mind and dive in without any preconceptions and you should have fun.
If you're a fan of the WOTLK expansion @ patch 3.3.5 without the expectations that a larger community might place upon you (GS requirements, bias, peer pressure, etc), then try it here and see things for yourself. We've got almost everything that the retail 3.3.5 patch had, with some added bonuses to make things more fun and/or smooth (instant mail, crossfaction gameplay, gear transmogs, auction house viewing through the website, armory, access to tier 3 gear by doing full run of Naxx, etc, etc).

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