[Suggestion] Battle.net "integration"

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[Suggestion] Battle.net "integration"

#1 » Post by newkleer » 16 Jul 2017 11:10

Hello community,

Im fairly new to legacy WoW, but been following the "scene" for quite a while and so far im enjoying it. Having started with TBC myself on retail, I get a lot of happy "flashbacks" of how great of a game WoW used to be, and sadly how much has been stripped away.

Anyway, i was thinking if it would be possible to mimic a battle.net like experience, where it is possible to launch the game from an application similar to B.NET, integrate this into friends and further, being able to merge achievements altogether like on Retail?

I know from a technical POV, its not an easy task, specially since its probably gonna require in game modification to how "Friends" list works. But is it doable?

With TrueWoW/PrimalWoW, many anti-legacy opinions about features has already been debunked: Here we have LFG, Achievements and updated models (using patches ofc, but still) and i think a B.NET like integration is another step in that direction where more people can get attracted to the game without touching the core vanilla experience.

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Re: [Suggestion] Battle.net "integration"

#2 » Post by Xenitron » 16 Jul 2017 14:58

Great idea it could be done but I think devs are not happy about idea since it would require lot of time(remember all of them are volunteers,doing stuff in free time), also it would require integration with server core which is another problem and server it self would have to run 2xrealms and that app.
I have seen some servers with programs that mimic B.NET and even token authenticator, but sadly those servers devs only know to do stuff outside of game while stuff in game is bugged and broken(even worse than open source stock cores)

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