A story of TW

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Re: A story of TW

#436 » Post by Bluebell » 11 Jul 2016 02:14

Why join the winning side if you can change the winner?

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Re: A story of TW

#437 » Post by Bluebell » 15 Jul 2016 01:51

So...actually got a lot of chapters to put, haven't been able to update here in a while!

Chapter 49 - A fight to remember

Under the sweltering heats of the arena, the two combatants looked at each other. Inspecting their stances. Silently, the crowd waited for them to start, not even a whisper broke the tension.

Fivecapz jolted forward, and then promptly stopped. Dust sprung up as his foot slammed into the ground. Gazing at her, he looked to sense any movement, yet she remained unflinching. Standing up straight, he smiled and spun his swords around. Nodding, he turned to the crowd.

“So this woman claims to be the bloodline of old! I say that's a bunch of nonsense!”

His accusations brought great cheers all around, as Merkava watched on nervously.

“She doesn't look like much does she?” he jeered once more.

“You talk a lot.” Bluebell told him.

“She says I talk a lot!” he laughed, as those around mocked with him, “Let's see what she's got shall we lads?”

As his last utterance left he suddenly turned and threw his sword at her. Opening her eyes wide, she darted to the side as it soared past. Looking back up she saw him sprinted at her causing her to block quickly. As they sparred back and forth, she walked backwards, allowing him to pick his second blade from the floor.

“Not bad” he complimented, “For a woman. Who would have thought a woman would be better than the great Alka eh?!” he shouted towards the crowds.

Just then he returned his attack. Spinning his swords at her causing her to think of every moment, her feet working together with her hands as she danced through his strikes.

“She's losing” Merkava said to himself.

“No” said Toxic, “She's thinking.”

As the next strike came from her left she dodged down, raised her sword to the right blocking his incoming attack before he had time to change and punched his cheek, sending him back a few steps. Enraged, he jumped at her again, causing her to block more and more. As he swept with both blades she knelt on the ground slamming her sword into his foot.

Treading back, blood trickled along the floor. The area was silent, save for Fivecapz's screams of pain. Slowly, she raised herself back to her upright position.

“This is not right!” he shouted at her, “You entered an unfair contestant!” he yelled at the Outlawz leadership.

“What is unfair of her, oh so mighty Fivecapz? You were mocking her before were you not?” mentioned Alkapawn.

“She is using holy magic. That is the only explanation.”

“If I were to use my powers, you would be no longer standing.” she told him causing a scowl.

“I demand her disqualification!”

“You accepted her entry” laughed Arnoxis, “What are you going to do, send another man at her?”

Fivecapz smiled. Suddenly, another figure jumped down from his area, wielding a standard blade and ran towards them. Bluebell prepared herself.

“Are you crazy?” shouted Alkapawn “This is beyond breaking the-”

“I shall allow it.” said Toxic, turning to those near him, “I want to see what she's really got.”

As they looked back down, the paladin had begun fighting the two Shadows of the Night warriors, each attacking from the opposite side giving her little time to block. As she ducked, the new attacked managed to cut strands of her red hair, causing it to fall to the ground. In this moment she kicked the feet away sending him crashing to the guard. Turning then to Fivecapz, their blades tangled yet it was now the dual wielding fighter on the back foot. Unfamiliar with being forced back he let his guard down momentarily, allowing Bluebell to slice his arm. Backtracking he looked at her furiously.

Switching her stance back, she returned to the now standing second opponent. He charged at her distracting from the wounded Shadow leader. Criss cross went their swords dancing back and forth, trying to over power each other.

“Finish her Hurtful! This is your chance!” yelled Fivecapz from the side.

“Apparently, that is their most skilled swordsman” spoke Toxic.

“It cannot be. Their field is heavily stacked, and they have not yet revealed their final competitor, usually they would keep their strongest till the final. It is like they were tipped off.” replied Alkapawn.

As the two continued to fight, Merkava looked over to the grinning Fivecapz. Wiping the blood from his arm, he spat into the ground and raised his arm. It then dawned on the paladin his next attack. Fivecapz's sword flew threw the air towards the otherwise engaged Bluebell. The crowd watched in horror as she continued her fight with the other warrior, the blade flying straight for her head.

Glancing over, she took to the danger. Thrusting her blade against her opponent sending him backwards. Moments later she threw her sword into the ground, Fivecapz watching on as his weapon continued at her. Jumping onto her own, she propelled herself backwards into the air, high above the oncoming attack.

“Holy sh-” yelled Alkapawn as the crowd simultaneously gasped.

Mid-way through the flip, with her head directly above the blade her arm extended down. Reaching onto the hilt of the sword as it soared past her, pressing down she forced it to the ground landing upon her knee. Dust flew up around her, hand still holding Fivecapz's sword down. Before the dust cloud could settle the second warrior rushed at her. Rising to her feet she pulled her own sword from the ground blocking his attack. Behind her, Fivecapz went to attack yet before he could reach she sliced the ankles of his compatriot, bringing up to the floor.

The Shadow leader stopped in his tracks. The whole arena was dead with silence. Walking slowly towards him, she twirled both swords in her hand.

“That was...” said Alkapawn.

“You did not say she could do something like that!” screamed Arnoxis.

“I...” gulped Merkava, “I did not know she could.”

Bluebell then threw the second sword at his feet, allowing her both hands to be used on one. As it landed on the floor, she stopped to look at him.

“Are you done talking?”


Sat inside a small parlour near the citadel the Orgimmar troops waited. A lush room with a multitude of colours, with purple being the dominant amongst the cushions dotted around. Waves of gold dressed the walls, the soldiers felt relaxed in the tranquil environment, while their leader started for hours at one spot.

“Lord Belendor” spoke a Silvermoon guard entering the quarters, “The King will see you now.”

“Finally.” he said, pushing himself up, “Your furniture is ridiculous.”

Disgruntled, the men behind took to their feet. Heavy armour clanging personifying their wearer's feelings. Standing by the door, ready to move out he looked down at them. Many still sitting on their apparent comfortable holdings.

“Stay here. All of you. Even you.” he told MadPanda.

To their delight, they were able to sit down. A great sigh of relief took a hold of them, partnered by a quick return to the cushioned seats and padded sofas. MadPanda bowed in respect, the only one even close to being able to leave with their leader. Turning back to the guard, Belendor walked out towards the citadel.

Marching down the narrow streets, guards lined the pavement watching him. He noticed a nervousness in his eyes as he came to pass. Small trees stood watch behind them adding to the scenery. Reaching the great keep of the city, the royal guard stepped aside. Ascending up the stairs, he was allowed entry to the King's hall.

Purple doors with the silver crescent opened as he approached, two soldiers standing either aside. Carefully their eyes inspected him as he walked through. Finally, he came to the hall itself. A ceiling far above with golden chandeliers, statures of various animals clustered the surrounding area while marble pillars held the structure up.

“Lord Belendor” shouted King Marick, “I hear you have been waiting.”

Looking up, the paladin saw him. Facing away from the door way, he stood opposite. His long white cloak draped over the floor, its fur drawing his attention. Cautiously, he stepped down the two steps to a lower level as the door creaked shut behind. A gold brazier stood at the centre. His hand slide over it as he approached, a flame flicked up causing Belendor to jolt away.

“Ah, the great flame” he said, still facing away, Belendor's attention drawn back to him, “Given to us long ago by the great city of Dalaran. But it would seem they have abandoned us now. Whose fault would that be?”

Continuing over the small opening, he came to the opposing stairs, rising up he came to stand behind the King.

“Do you know why I am here?”

“To ask for more of my men to die?”

Belendor's hand tightened into a fist. His other clutched Marick's shoulder causing a fast shrugging.

“I could have you killed for that. Just a shout and my men would storm in.”

“You trust your fools too much.” mocked Belendor.

Turning back around, Marick smiled back at him, “And who did you send to lead your army? The mad dog Ragnorak? And I am the one trusting fools?”

Aggravated, the paladin stood staring into his eyes. Together they waited, glaring at each other, heads slightly raised. Finally, the Silvermoon leader went back down the lower stairs towards the golden brazier. His hands running across it.

“We need more of your men.” demanded Belendor.

“Need?” he questioned back, “You do not need anything. You could end this conflict tomorrow and save us all the trouble.”

Now stood looking down over the King, Belendor continued, “This war will not end unless you commit fully. They are forming an army to fight back, and we need to stand together against this rising foe.”

Marick's hand ceased tracing along the metal. His eyes flickered over to the chandeliers overhead, looking beyond to the stars behind the ceiling.

“I have already sent some of my best men. Far more than I planned. They are within the lands of the barrens as we speak. They will apprehend the ones you seek, they have a plan in motion.”

“We need your army.”

Suddenly he pushed down the brazier, flames roared as he rotated around. Angrily, he stared back up the stairs.

“And you shall not get it!” he shouted, his hand sliding down, palm extended.

“When your men fail, and their blood is on your hands. I shall seek you again.” replied Belendor.

Before a response was made, he stormed down the stairs and past the King. Brushing their shoulders against each other he walked back towards the stairs. Guards rushed in to see the slowly rising flames around their King.

“No need” confirmed the paladin, “We are done here.”


Tentatively Fivecapz lowered himself to pick his second sword from the floor. Watching, Bluebell patiently waited. Around the area, not a heartbeat could be heard, everyone gripping their seats for the next moment of action. Rising back up, Fivecapz's eyes remained locked forward.

“Ok. Miss Bloodline” he told her, “No more games!”

Hastening his pace he sprinted towards her. In contrast, the paladin placed her foot back in anticipation, her sword raising slightly. Within moments he was upon her, slashing his swords from left and right.

Dragging her leading foot behind she dodged his first swing from the left whilst parrying the opposing attack downwards. Knocked off his footing, the Shadows contestant launched both swords back up aggressively at her causing her to swoop back defensively.

“She doesn't wish to kill him” spoke Toxic as they watched intensely.

As the battle below continued, they discussed the two combatants style. Merkava silently listened.

“She sits back too much” replied Arnoxis, “If she pulled a move like before, this would be over.”

“She is waiting for him to make a mistake” continued Toxic.

“And what if he makes none?”

“He will” replied the leader as the clanging of swords sounded.

“I like her.” spoke Alkapawn.

“You would” scoffed Arnoxis in response as suddenly, the crowd gasped around.

As they gazed back down, Bluebell parried and quickly stepped closer, dragged her sword up to a vertical position wrapping around his. With one flick she disarmed one sword sending it crashing to the ground and elbowed him squarely on the nose. Lowering her blade, she stood still as he backtracked.

Seconds later, as blood began to drip from his nose she took a step forward. Instantly he launched back at her, she ducked under two swings before blocking the third. Pushing his sword up high she quickly jabbed her hand into the back of his arm. Fivecapz yet out a yelp as she snapped his second sword from his gasp.

With both blades now laying on the sandy ground, she placed her own at his neck. Looking towards him, her head tilted slightly. He smiled, and then burst into laughter. Finally, he held his hands up high.

“Winner, Outlawz!” shouted the judges.

“Phew!” gasped Merkava, “Thank God that's over.”

“Not bad, paladin” Fivecapz told her as he picked up his weapons, “Not bad at all.” He winked before walking back to his respective corner.

“Right. When do we leave? Are there any more festivities to be had?” asked the Justicar.

The heads of the leaders turned to them with a confused look, Alkapawn's eyebrow raised, while Arnoxis began to laugh.

“There's still one fighter left” Toxic told him.

“Yeah, and it's a big one” mocked Alkapawn as the next contestant entered, “Keez.”

His attention drawn back to the arena below, Merkava saw the warrior named Keez dropped down. A great thud boomed, his feet crashing onto the sand. Within his hand hands he held a large axe, the size of the a man itself. Merkava gulped as the two fighters came to face each other.

Stood opposite, the two eyed each other up and down. Keez stood daunting over her, the long handle of his weapon resting on the sand.

“A good run” he smiled down to her, “But it ends her.”

Pausing for a moment, she looked back up meeting his eyes, “Give me my shield” she spoke without breaking the gaze.

“Ha!” laughed her opponent, “Do not give in to her request.”

She turned to face the judges, “He is not going to prevent me. Provide me with my own shield, your guards would have it.”

“Only a coward would hide behind such a tool! Fight like a man!” he jeered at her.

Instantly she turned back to him, “And hear I was believing that only a coward would prevent their opponent from fighting at their true strength.”

Keez glared back down. Just then he broke into laughter bringing a smile from the paladin. He signalled to the judges.

“Give her the shield if she wants! I will beat her no matter.”

Raising her free hand to the sky, she caught the shield throw in the air. It glowed brightly, its blue gems shining as she held it. Sloping her foot back, her shield to the front she prepared for the fight. As the two faced off, a great wind blew from behind her, raising red hair slightly. Keez let out a great roar and two raced at one another, the crowd behind cheering as the final fight was to take place.


Still lying in the wailing caverns, the unconscious Orgrimmar leader rocked from side to side. His wounds being treated by the Outlawz remaining within the enclave. His pains tore over his body, yet his eyes begin to flicker. Slowly, he began to hear the sounds around him.

“He's waking!” cried a voice.

“Out of my way!” came another, “Let me see, move all of you!”

Finally, his vision returned, the room was poorly lit. Withered candles dotted around crevices within the rocky walls surrounding, a small platter of water dropped to his side, dripping down. Looking to his left, he raised his head. Still blurry he made out figures stood watching. Crying out in pain he lowered himself back, his hand going to cover his head.

“You had me scared there.” spoke Cherno.

Gritting his teeth, Teraan glanced back, his sight restoring still. The rebel leader stood over him, while numerous Outlawz behind, watching on.

Frantically, the paladin threw his arms up. He pushed off the stone slab he lay on desperately trying to get away.

“Where am I?” he cried, “Where are they? Have they gone yet?”

“Gone where?” asked Cherno, “You are safe, inside the Wailing Caverns of the Outlawz. It took me long to find this place.”

“Bluebell...Merkava...The clan leaders, where are they? I heard them...Speak of a tournament?”

“The traditional tournament against the Shadows of the Night at the great coliseum?” asked one of the men behind.

Suddenly his attention snapped to the speaker, “Yes, that. It must be it. They are in trouble. We must go at once!”

Straining he attempted to get off the slab, unable to fully sit up on top of it. Cherno rushed to hold him back down.

“You must rest, my friend. You took quite a beating!”

Teraan immediately threw him off.

“No, you do not understand. They are in danger!”

“They always are” mocked Cherno, “What makes you come to this conclusion?”

“I saw a girl.”

“Great” laughed his comrade causing a great glare in return.

“No. At the tavern we sought refuge, a girl hid herself. I could not remember who, but when they brought me here I saw her again. Here.”


“The assassin Mirramar.”

“Mirramar is a friend of the Outlawz” confirmed Arvit, who had entered behind, “She is of no harm.”

“No” replied Teraan, “She was hired to remove Virdo. They are in more danger than ever, we must warn them!”

“I shall send a messenger to them at once for you.” spoke one behind before quickly scuttling off.

“See?” replied Cherno, ushering Teraan back down, “Everything is under control. Now rest, you need it.”

Shaking his head, as the room cleared he took back to the cold stone slab. Lowering his body upon it he stared up at the ceiling while his fists clenched.
Why join the winning side if you can change the winner?

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Re: A story of TW

#438 » Post by Ragnorak » 19 Jul 2016 21:20

Where's chapters 42-48?
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Re: A story of TW

#439 » Post by Bluebell » 20 Jul 2016 01:48

Right! I forgot.

Chapter 49 is chapter 42. However on my master copy / the google document, I rewrote the first 7 or so chapters, and added 7 more. So I just put this one down as chapter 49. It continues directly on from 41, so in essence is 42. Does that explain it?

There's multiple chapters on the Google doc on front page, just takes time to update them here due to formatting.
Why join the winning side if you can change the winner?

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Re: A story of TW

#440 » Post by belendor » 20 Jul 2016 07:38

Ragnorak wrote:Where's chapters 42-48?
Oi lucas, how r ya fag?
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No need to mention the other paladins.

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Re: A story of TW

#441 » Post by Ragnorak » 24 Jul 2016 01:39

Working my dick off in Miami other than that nm
Lok'tar ogar! Victory or death - it is these words that bind me to the Horde. For they are the most sacred and fundamental of truths to any warrior of the Horde.

I give my flesh and blood freely to the Warchief. I am the instrument of my Warchief's desire. I am a weapon of my Warchief's command.

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Re: A story of TW

#442 » Post by Arockalypse » 25 Jul 2016 01:54

Ragnorak wrote:Working my dick off in Miami other than that nm
ain't workin nuthin' but yo butthole fgt
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Re: A story of TW

#443 » Post by devil5000 » 12 Sep 2016 01:35

When do we get the next episode?
The waiting is killing me.Its like waiting on some episode of a series :D
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