[H] Irontusk Warband Emerges

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[H] Irontusk Warband Emerges

#1 » Post by petchx » 27 Jul 2015 05:37

Irontusk Warband is a Horde side RP guild meant to cater to those who don't want to play the filthy Alliance. We are a general RP guild for now with a focus on leveling and having general IC (In-Character) guild chat. We accept all classes/races. New or old roleplayers welcome, and help will be provided to those that want to get a start in RPing but aren't sure how.
== RANKS ==
Enlisted - new and old regular soldiers; also acts trial/probationary period. From there you are slotted into one of the four below roles if you so choose.[/color]

Scout - Sneaky and deadly, Scouts offer the Warband intelligence on the Alliance's movements, often dropping in behind enemy lines to scope out the lay of the lands. They bring this same style to the combat field, preferring to kill at a distance or by coming up close and wiping whole groups out from within. Primarily: Hunters, Rogues, and Feral Druids.

Mystic - The casters and summoners of the group. They burn as hard as they heal. Controllers of wildfires and icy planes. While demons are frowned upon, the Irontusk Warlocks are well respected and kept close. They are the second line in combat, offering covering fire and protection from behind the Wardens. Primarily: Mages, Priests, and Warlocks (+ eventual Holy Paladin)

Naturalist - In-tune with the earth and all her elements, Naturalists prefer to fight, or perhaps even heal, with the help of nature rather than brute force or magical elements. While often thought of as graceful and peaceful, a Naturalist will just as easy crush your head with a stone as a Warden would with a sword. Primarily: Shamans and Healer/Boomkin Druids

Warden - The front-line soldiers. Brutish or in your face type characters. They are the core protectors and fighters of the Irontusk. Charging into the fray without second thought. They wield swords and hammers and axes, slicing through enemies with ease. Primarily: Warriors, Feral Druids, and (eventually) Paladins and Death Knights.

Champion - The are in total, 4 Champions. One to each of the groups. If someone wishes to challenge a champion - they must accept the challenge. They are among the strongest and most intelligent of their groups. Using every skill they own to their advantage. They are fierce and loyal, and above all, well respected.

Elders - In direct liaison with the Warlord. The most trusted and loyal of the Irontusk. They act as officers and a war council, deciding on the Warbands next mode of action.

Warlord - The Leader of the Irontusk. Currently held by Coza. An old and grouchy Tauren Druid who has tentative alignments with the rest of the Horde. He is blatantly unfriendly to the Undead as he thinks of them as abominations, but does not push back their help if offered.

== ADDONS ==
Temporary in-gameRP profile: TRP (courtesy of Virunus/Avra)
http://static.curseforge.net/content/fi ... n_1000.zip

An MRP PrimalWoW-only alternative built by myself is currently in production and I hope to have it done and working within a month or so as TRP is not a very good addon.
Posting your RP profile in this thread is also a good idea after joining so people can come check if they have any questions, or if you hate using in-game addons like TRP or until the PrimalWoW RP addon is created.

Whisper[/color] Coza in-game for an invite.

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Re: [H] Irontusk Warband Emerges

#2 » Post by Guts » 27 Jul 2015 10:10

It is good to see that we have a Horde RP-guild now ^-^
I wish you guys all the best!
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Re: [H] Irontusk Warband Emerges

#3 » Post by .Fehu » 28 Jul 2015 08:03

10/10 would join :D

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Re: [H] Irontusk Warband Emerges

#4 » Post by Virunus » 28 Jul 2015 10:00

Hey I just wanted to comment, I did a little more research and it turns out MRP was around for 3.3.5, theres even comments talking about it on the curse page (comment page 44 or so), yet the files seem to only go back to Cata 4.1. Can't find it elsewhere either.

Buuut perhaps if you can work some google-fu better than I, you can save yourself some work if the addon is worth using in its 3.3.5 version.

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Re: [H] Irontusk Warband Emerges

#5 » Post by pippin » 20 Aug 2015 13:59

seems fun

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