Top 10 dk players,and what spec u use

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Top 10 dk players,and what spec u use

#1 » Post by Desiposho » 09 Apr 2011 12:27

you can vote here and say who is bst dk player,and put ur specs here if u want :)

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Re: Top 10 dk players,and what spec u use

#2 » Post by Twoflower » 09 Apr 2011 12:58


I wont say, if im good or not. u should judge it :-). But i dont see many dk's that are tanks. Currently I have for tank frost spec. For dps spec i searched for a og time. But now i think frost does much dps for now(for pve and for pvp). I tried unholly and blood. For now the biggest problem for me is to hold much mobs on me cause i oose many times aggro.( but in a while i get aggro back on me :-) ) But on icc bosses. i have no problem with tanking.

Here is link for speces: ... gn=Requiem

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Re: Top 10 dk players,and what spec u use

#3 » Post by Prite » 09 Apr 2011 13:29

imo u're defenitelly 1 of the top3 Dk tanks and top5 overall XD
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Re: Top 10 dk players,and what spec u use

#4 » Post by Stryke » 09 Apr 2011 13:43

Diablos & Twoflower are the only DK tanks that are good. And they both came to me early on to ask me about it :P /gloat xD

Good DK players in my opinion:
Nai - PvP
Toxicknight - PvP
Mats - PvE
Celeborn - PvE
Desiposho - PvP (remove that ugly duelling spec it's useless for bgs & arenas :P )
Diablos - PvE-Tank
Twoflower - Pve-Tank
Zedix - PvP
Stryke - PvP (yep. because I lack modesty :P )
Marcus - PvP
Nexxus - PvP
Dev - PvE (miss you man get your net working soon :) )

And that's about it. These are not in order or anything. Just a list of the good ones.

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Re: Top 10 dk players,and what spec u use

#5 » Post by Matsy » 19 Apr 2011 18:01

Theres only about 3 dps pve dk's who arn't copy cats, Mats,Dev,Marcus.
The rest are not worth mentioning.

The best tank is Twoflower/Diablos
Matsy pls
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Findme - Troll Assassination Rogue

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Re: Top 10 dk players,and what spec u use

#6 » Post by Kreuz » 28 May 2011 16:58

This made me go Unholy,

Early days of being a DK i got Blood subspec (17/0/54) because its good for low geared.
When i got Bryntroll(Proc weapon) i went (0/17/54) with icy talons and black ice, i can have haste for higher chance to proc and damage+ from black ice.

All im saying is marcus taught me things. but i did not go unholy because i witnessed marcus' performance on icc..

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Marcus gave me tips and tricks and i respect him for that.

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Re: Top 10 dk players,and what spec u use

#7 » Post by avatheavenger » 30 May 2011 23:53

Matsy doesnt know you :) But you got my respect since u made it to 10k+ dps on your own ... our builds were different :) Now we both are using the proper build :) Noone can say that some1 just copied him cuz he got same build as HE found by googling :) only if he sucks with the proper build ... means he just copied and didnt do anything else ... anyways good guys always end up with simillar or exact talent builds :)

Btw testing blood now :)

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Re: Top 10 dk players,and what spec u use

#8 » Post by Vyrath » 16 Aug 2011 05:34

would like to see a working blood spec for dps :D
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Re: Top 10 dk players,and what spec u use

#9 » Post by Raskólnikov » 31 Aug 2011 04:03

As of tanks the only ones who deserve the tank role are Twoflower and Diablos, dps are quite too many to say but more than a few could learn to dps ppl (won't say names) geared "dps" who can't make more than 5k at saurfang... i haven't done pvp in a long time so idk about good dk pvp players...

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