Light's Redemption

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Light's Redemption

#1 » Post by shaun03 » 29 Jan 2016 22:27

Quick navigation to all of the chapters :

Chapter 1

Chapter 2
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Re: Light's Redemption

#2 » Post by shaun03 » 29 Jan 2016 22:28

Hi guys,

I recently read through Bluebell's TW story for the second time, and felt such a bout of creative inspiration (I studied accounting, so that doesn't come around often :P) that I decided to put it into a story of my own.

Most of the characters in this story are of players that I came across through my years of playing here. I'm trying to keep it as lore-friendly as possible as well. They don't necessarily play here anymore, and some of their characters seem to be deleted.

I'd like to ask everyone to excuse my grammer, vocabulary and whatever simple spelling mistakes I've made. I'm a little rusty!

[hide="Chapter 1"]False Securities

“Valoric, Valoric!”
His mother’s forceful whispers were enough to wake him. He had fallen asleep again. The constant travel had really taken its toll on him. For what seemed like forever, all he could remember was how he’d been on the run with what was left of his family. This little abandoned farmhouse on the outskirts of Moonbrook had looked inconspicuous enough that everyone in his party believed they could hold up here for a couple of days, to regain the strength to keep moving.
“Valoric!” His mother’s whispers became louder, albeit more hurried.
“I’m awake mother.” Valoric replied, still sounding groggy from his sleep.
“Seb just saw two cloaked figures making their way past the farmhouse. There’s a good chance we’d need to move tonight.” She said nervously.

He sat up, against the wall. He noticed the candles they had lit just before he fell asleep had no flame. His mother had taken to keeping watch at the north window. He could just about make out her silhouette in the dim moonlight. On the other side of the room, sat another silhouette. Seb was a large man. He was tall, with strong, broad shoulders. He was also extremely loyal to Valoric’s family. Ever since Valoric’s father died, Seb had taken it on himself to help guide Valoric in everything that he had done. It was irritating, but he knew Seb’s intentions were good. After all, he knew that Seb had trained alongside his father in the academy, and that Seb could teach him about the Order of the Paladin. Valoric’s requests for training had yielded unfavourable results however, and Seb had made it clear that the Order was disbanded and all knowledge and training in the path of the Righteous was banned. It’s what got them into this mess in the first place. Valoric’s father was a high ranking paladin of the Order. Ever since the young Prince of the land had, without warning, disbanded the Order and called for the assassination of all paladins, senior and trainee, had Valoric, and his mother been on the run.

“They’re coming back,” Seb’s hoarse voice was clear in the cool night air, “Through the window, now!”
Valoric jumped up quickly, grabbed his hide skin pack, and began moving quietly, but with haste to his mother. He could see that she was holding her tears back, clearly frightened, but trying to remain strong for him. He waited for her to get through the window before he began climbing through the small hole on the North side of the farmhouse. As his upper body emerged into the moonlight, he felt a slight but abrupt push on his backside. He curled his body, to attempt to cushion himself from the fall, but still had the wind knocked from him. He turned over, to catch his breath. Seb was staring wide-eyed at him,

“I’m stuck…”

For the first time ever, Valoric had heard a hint of fear in Seb’s voice, which caused him to begin to panic. At that moment, they heard what sounded like a key turning in a lock.

Seb’s eyes grew wider – it was then that Valoric realised what that noise was. “They’re picking it.” he thought. He became frantic, jumping up in one swift movement and, along with his mother, began tugging at his broad shouldered companion as hard, but as quietly, as they could.

“Quickly, quickly,” Valoric’s mother urged.

The tugging became pulling. It was at this point they began making more noise. So much so, that he began hearing what he thought were whispers amongst the commotion that they, themselves were causing.

It was at this moment that the door flew open and the two cloaked figures charged towards Seb’s flailing legs. Over Seb’s large shoulder, Valoric saw the sharp blink of some kind of blade in the moonlight. He placed his arms under Seb’s and pulled with all his strength. The old frame gave way, and Seb flew out of the window, and fell straight on to him. Seb stood up right away to help him to his feet. His next few breaths brought a cool, stinging sensation to his lungs, but that was soon forgotten as one of the cloaked figures leapt through the hole in the wall where the window was, with his twisted blade drawn. The assassin lunged at Valoric’s chest, but before the blade reached him, Seb parried the attacker’s outstretched arm away, disarming the man in one fluent motion. The second figure emerged from the farmhouse and unsheathed his blade, but was too late to save his partner from one of Seb’s well placed fist’s. The first assassin fell to the ground and was all but motionless.

The second assassin sprung at Seb, but Seb was expecting it and landed another well placed fist to the man’s temple. He was knocked out cold and fell awkwardly against the old clay and mud wall of the farmhouse.

“Seb… Are you alright?” Valoric asked, knowing however that neither of the assassins were of any match for him.
“We need to move, there’ll be more of them soon,” Seb replied, sounding calm and collected.

“To the Eastern Bridge, we need to stay off the road.” Calm and collected, but knowing what needed to be done.
“But that would lead us into Duskwood… there have been reports of the plague there…” Valoric’s mother responded, her voice quivering.

“I know the innkeep in Raven Hill. He’ll be able to help us. But we need to get there before dawn, they’ll be searching the bri...” out of the corner of his eye Seb saw the first assassin reaching for his blade, “Merylith! Look out!”

It was too late. The attacker rose to his feet and lunged, with his blade, at Valoric’s mother. The twisted dagger pierced his mother’s lower abdomen, just above her waistline. Before he could thrust again, Valoric pulled his mother away, while Seb grabbed hold of the man by his hide chestpiece and threw him to the wall. The man fell to the ground, letting go of the dagger, and Seb was there again to lift the assassin by his neck, using the wall to keep him in place.
“You’ll all see that whore’s fate!” The man muttered, with Seb’s grip tightening.

It was at that moment that Valoric lost all control. He left his mother’s side, grabbed the twisted dagger and forced the blade through the light hide armour covering the man’s chest. Seb pushed him away, and he stumbled to the ground.
Realising what he had done, he froze. But his mother. The assassin stabbed his mother. He crawled with haste to where his mother was lying. He tried to comfort her. To tell her that everything was going to be alright. But no words came out. He could see the pain in his mother’s eyes.

“We need to get her help.” Seb said, letting the assassin’s lifeless body fall to the ground.
“Where Seb? Where?” Valoric responded, with tears streaming down his face.
“Raven Hill is the only inn within twenty kilometres that won’t be streaming with these cowards.” Seb replied, while lifting Valoric’s mother up, “But we need to move fast. The sun is beginning to rise.”

Valoric looked to the East, wiping his eyes of his tears. But not because of the sunrise. Not because he knew that’s where they were headed. But because it was his mother’s only hope. His mother was all he had left in the world. He couldn’t lose her now. And not because of his own cowardice.
With that thought, a silent determination grew within him.

“Let’s go,” he said.

Chapter 1 ~ End[/hide]

I'll try to continue the story for as long as I can, like Bluebell's! So let me know what you guys think!

(Any suggestions to structuring the chapters, would be welcome!)


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Re: Light's Redemption

#3 » Post by Ellyon » 31 Jan 2016 10:12

I am definitely going to follow this thread. :) Keep up the good work!
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Re: Light's Redemption

#4 » Post by Relina » 31 Jan 2016 11:35

Nice work, Yay! another TW story to bookmark :!: , moar chapters pls :D
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Re: Light's Redemption

#5 » Post by shaun03 » 07 Feb 2016 13:09

Here's Chapter 2. It's a little slower than Chapter 1, with no new characters making their way into the story yet.

I hope you enjoy it, and if you have any suggestions for me with regards to layout, and correction of errors, please feel free to let me know.

[hide="Chapter 2"]Every night has it’s Dawn

The sun’s first rays were bright in Valoric’s eyes. Even through the trees above them, they blinded him temporarily. He could still smell the faint aroma of blood from his mother’s wound. He still felt the same anger and hatred that he felt when he shoved the twisted blade into the assassin’s chest. It was powerful, like nothing he had ever felt before. The sound the chestpiece made when the dagger pierced it. It happened so quickly. Almost like a click.


The look in the assassin’s eyes when all the life drained from them. He deserved it. What had he or his mother ever done to deserve being hounded day and night. And Seb. Seb should not be forgotten. He did save his life, twice, after all. Just as that thought passed through Valoric’s mind, he caught Seb watching him wearily out of the corner of his eye. Oh God, I’m going to be in for a lecture.

When Valoric turned towards Seb, Seb did not look away. Seb’s expression took on a more concerned tone. Like that of a father who watches as his child needs to face the harsh realities of life before it’s time. Seb wasn’t disappointed in Valoric doing what he did. But rather that Valoric was the one to have to do it.

“Your mother, she’s lost a lot of blood. We need to hurry.” Seb finally broke the silence.

“Can you not heal her?” Valoric replied, the tears welling up in his eyes once again.

“The blade was enchanted to ward against paladin magic. Dark magic I had heard about, but never seen.” Seb answered him, looking down again at Valoric’s mother’s wound.

Disappointed that he had not been there to save her.

The two of them stopped almost immediately when they heard what sounded like a muffled whisper. Seb placed Valoric’s mother carefully on the ground, and drew his sword. Valoric knelt down and picked up a large stone, while wiping the tears from his eyes with his other hand. In the shade of the forest, it was difficult to see, and there was a lot of undergrowth that could easily keep someone or something from sight.

“Hello?” Valoric said searchingly, feeling Seb’s disapproving glare on the back of his head.

When he noticed a branch in one of the trees above them move, he peered up, squinting into the darkness of the forest canopy. He could just about make out the shape of two men, or no, small boys sitting above them.

“What are you doing up there?” Valoric asked, lowering his hand, but keeping his firm grip on the stone.

One of the boys raised their small hands to their face and placed his index finger over his mouth. The fear in his eyes could be seen through the darkness.

“Find cover. Fast.” Seb urged, gently picking up Valoric’s mother.

They dashed out to either sides of the small road, finding the nearest bush and hiding behind it.

We should have stayed off the roads, they’re going to find us.

Once again, he raised his hand, while peering through the aromatic flowers and leaves of the bush that he had chosen as his cover. He could see the small tree that Seb and his mother were hiding behind. Allowing his gaze to leave the road, he peered up to where the two boys were sitting a minute ago, and to his amazement, they were gone.

Cluk, cluk. Cluk, cluk.

It started off slowly, and softly, but began becoming louder the closer it got to them. Valoric focused his gaze down the direction they were travelling from, and noticed a rider in the distance. The rider’s head was swaying from side to side, he was clearly looking for something in the roadside undergrowth.

He was 30 meters now from where they were hiding, and Valoric could feel his heart beating faster, and harder. He looked back to where Seb and his mother were and the moment his eyes met Seb’s, Seb stuck his hand out and motioned for Valoric to lower himself to the ground.Valoric did as he was told, but knowing that Seb was just a few meters away, did not comfort him, nor slow his heart beat down.

The sound of the horses hooves on the badly maintained cobble stones were getting louder now, to the point that they drowned out the other sounds of the forest. The chirping birds now became silent. The leaves rustling in the soft breeze, now seemed still. All he could hear now, was the incessantly slow cluk, cluk ‘ing and his racing heart.

The rider was easier to see now, and Valoric could make out his attire as well as the handle of his sheathed blade. His heart skipped a beat when the rider pulled back his horse’s reigns gently and began dismounting directly in front of him.

He’s found us. We’re not going to be able to save mother. He’s found us and his party is not far behind.

It felt as if the fear was choking him. His heart was pushing up his throat and the fear was forcing it’s way down. He couldn’t move, and even if he could, he wouldn’t.

Slowly completing his dismount, the rider took his time adjusting his horse’s saddle and satchels. Valoric’s fear began easing when he realised that the rider was unaware of their presence. He stepped over to the side of the road that Valoric was hiding, and removed the hood of his cloak. There were three scars on the rider’s left cheek. Each seemingly parallel to each other – definitely some kind of animal attack. The rider lifted his head as he unbuttoned his trousers and let them fall to his feet.

Letting out a silent giggle in relief and amusement, Valoric could feel his fear slowly fading away, while the rider relieved himself.

Thank the Gods.

He looked up, seemingly to nod in appreciation to a deity, but his eyes widened quickly when he saw one of the small boys who had disappeared moments ago. The boy was trying to climb through some of the branches in the overhanging trees, and when his eyes caught Valoric’s gaze, Valoric began shaking his head abruptly. The boy looked back to the outlying branch in front of him, seeming to discard Valoric’s vigorous gestures, and as he lifted his hand to grab on to it, the branch snapped and fell to the ground directly in front of Valoric.

The rider pulled up his pants, and swung around to face the commotion in one swift, and synchronised movement. As he unsheathed his weapon, Valoric recognised the same twisted blade that he had used to kill one of the assassin’s that had attacked them the night before. Step by step, the rider made his way to where the branch had fallen, as Valoric shut his eyes and began praying vigorously.

“Well, well, well. What have we here?” the rider said mockingly.

Valoric opened his eyes slowly and they widened quickly as he saw the rider’s dagger pointed directly at his face.
“We’ve been looking for you, and your friends,” the rider said, his parallel scars becoming distorted with a crooked smile.
“No matter, you’ll have to do for now!” the rider exclaimed, preparing to thrust the dagger at Valoric’s face.

Closing his eyes again and lowering his head, Valoric felt all his fear slip from him. In acceptance of the inevitable, he became unafraid. Brave. Strong. He prayed, this time not in silence, or whispers, but loud enough for the assassin to hear him, “Light, protect me.”

“Your light disappeared long ago boy,” the assassin said, “now die!”

He heard the sound of a blade entering flesh, but he could feel no pain. He opened his eyes to see the assassin staring at him, his dagger dropping to the ground. He fell over to the side as Seb removed his sword from the lifeless body of the assassin.
Valoric gasped for breath in relief, as his head fell to his hands and he closed his eyes.

But the boy, the boy that nearly got him killed.

He quickly got to his feet, and began looking around in the forest canopy for the boy that nearly got him killed. There was no sign of him.

“The little bugger slipped away,” Seb said, tearing a piece of cloth from the assassin’s cloak and using it to clean his blade of any blood left behind.

“We’ll need to hide this body,” Seb continued, “From what it sounds like, this one was just a scout. There’ll be more of them soon, and we’re not far from Raven Hill. Let’s move fast.”

Returning to where Valoric’s mother was hiding, Seb lifted her slowly and placed her carefully on the horse of the slain rider. He stripped away any insignia’s, or recognisable equipment of the fallen assassin, and began searching through the satchels, now lying on the ground.

“Pick up that dagger,” he said to Valoric, not looking up, “Conceal it well.”

Valoric picked up the dagger, and slipped it into the waistline of his trousers, under his shirt.

“How long do we have?” Valoric replied to Seb, gesturing to his ill mother with his eyes.

Seb seemed to ignore the question, with an irritated expression on his face. But that was due to him not being able to find anything of use in the assassin’s satchels or clothing.

Discarding the gear into the undergrowth, and after a lengthy pause, he replied to Valoric, “Not long.”

Adjusting his cloak, Valoric nodded and walked toward the horse. Seb's composure and patience deserved a lot of admiration. He wished that one day he would be able to be like him. Calm in the face of danger, but unrelenting when action was needed.

“Don’t worry mother, we’re almost there.” He whispered softly, as Seb began leading the horse down the road, “you’ll be better soon.”

It was not midday yet, but the sun’s rays were forcing themselves down through the canopy, and on to the cobblestone path, seemingly leading the way for them. The forest's ambiance was beginning to return, and it was easier to see now.

Chapter 2 ~ End[/hide]

P.S. Thanks Bluebell for your help. I did try to adjust my style, I spent nearly 4 hours writing and editting this chapter, and I'm absolutely bushed.
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Re: Light's Redemption

#6 » Post by alpakturk » 10 Mar 2016 16:15

Nice effort :) Thanks for sharing ^_^

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