Development Q&A - September & October/2015

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Re: Development Q&A

#46 » Post by mcheka » 03 Oct 2015 16:42

Are there any plans to look at fixing AoE on Sindragosa's tombs and on the LK Valks?
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Re: Development Q&A

#47 » Post by Myaoming » 03 Oct 2015 18:27

And pre-Sindy spider event for girls?
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Re: Development Q&A

#48 » Post by Hansrutger » 03 Oct 2015 18:45

Myaoming wrote:And pre-Sindy spider event for girls?
Stop freaking reminding them. No one, litterally no one wants those spiders...

I'd say that trying is the best one can do in order to higher themselves from the people crying and only complaining. Whilst you try, it doesn't mean it is always going to be the most successful result but I'd like to think that it is still a better choice than standing idle.

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Re: Development Q&A

#49 » Post by Fastor » 03 Oct 2015 19:06


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Re: Development Q&A

#50 » Post by Nyeriah » 21 Oct 2015 09:23

I don't have much time to work on new things. Life's keeping me busy and there are several chaotic things floating around currently. I'm redesigning the old "staff review" page that was in the plan to be implemented with the new website but emsy never had the time to finish it, so I should get that going before I take on any new project. There are several other website things that I need to implement, so speaking for myself, I won't be working on the spiders soon. Or anything else in-game for that matter.

Leaving this open for two more days then closing it as it should have been closed a while ago and a new one started.

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Re: Development Q&A

#51 » Post by alhttabe » 21 Oct 2015 09:42

3 Questions:

1) Is there any plans for listing down the application process to become a developer for TW/PW?

2) Are there any plans of addressing how GMs handle instances where glitches or server crashed result in bugged IDs not awarding players loot or kill credits. I think for example the issue with LK where players don't receive the kill credit if he hits 10% when they're phasing into frostmourne or where the server crashes and bugs IDs. Often with this players feel hard done by and a simple awarding of the kill or fixing of the bugged instance ID would resolve it.

3) Has there been any consideration given to cross faction RDF given average server pop?

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Re: Development Q&A

#52 » Post by Nyeriah » 21 Oct 2015 09:47

To answer the first question, it's pretty much straight forward. One needs to set their own TrinityCore installation and start submitting fixes. If there's consistency in their submissions and they show enough interest they'll be granted a contributor rank. From that point, if they show dedication they'll eventually be integrated as developers.

The other two questions aren't exactly development related. About the third one, I really doubt TrueWoW is that low in population to justify cross faction grouping.


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