Looking For Roleplayers

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Looking For Roleplayers

#1 » Post by otep » 11 Mar 2014 04:47

Hello. I am New to the server, And i am looking for roleplayers to hangout with around. more good if there is a roleplaying guild around to invite me. and i want to know if what faction most have roleplayers. please feel free to reply on this post with your I.G name or a I.G guilds. thank you :D

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Re: Looking For Roleplayers

#2 » Post by Vampyr » 12 Mar 2014 16:31

I haven't heard of any roleplayers on this server which doesn't mean there aren't ones.
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Re: Looking For Roleplayers

#3 » Post by Fastor » 12 Mar 2014 18:04

Vamp dont disheart him :)

We already sent him from other topic to here to search for roleplayers. And as far as l know there was some roleplaying guild around new year, but idk what happen with them.

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Re: Looking For Roleplayers

#4 » Post by BloodRaven117 » 05 Jun 2014 08:42

Hello! I am a member of The Terrorguard, we are an RP guild for the Horde but are starting to expand into the Alliance. I have spoken to our Guild Master and he would be happy to invite you to our little family, we are on fairly often and do casual RP, we also run dungeons and the like, but we are primarily an RP guild. If you are interested add one of my characters, Mauhi - Tauren Druid. Or Darianna - Blood Elf Warlock. You can also contact out Guild Master directly if you wish to add Nerubaron - Undead Warlock. Any other fellow Horde RPers feel free to message us. We don't bite! Just be sure to tell us if you are interested in joining our guild!

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Re: Looking For Roleplayers

#5 » Post by Grizlok » 09 Aug 2014 04:48

I am also a officer of the guild, I have 1-2 main character. #1 is named Grizlok. A lvl 60 tauren druid. #2 is Makotha. A lvl 70 tauren Death Knight. If you ever need a recruit then feel free to whisper me.

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Re: Looking For Roleplayers

#6 » Post by Zan » 09 Aug 2014 08:58

hey b@be wnna cybur wit mi supr cute futa draenei
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Re: Looking For Roleplayers

#7 » Post by Darchrow » 09 Aug 2014 09:52

^ ayl cybr wit u >3
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Re: Looking For Roleplayers

#8 » Post by Ryuu » 23 Aug 2014 22:43

I am free to roleplay at anytime I am online. :)
I can be found on my main Khazz. (Alliance)
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Re: Looking For Roleplayers

#9 » Post by Swundead » 06 Aug 2015 17:31

Hi, I gladly rp for now I can be found on Swundead, Alliance.
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