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Extend Love Event by 5 days.

Posted: 15 Feb 2020 13:17
by Joh0239
The mount drop from Satchel was increased from 0,03% to 1% the 13th of February. Love event started 8th of February, meaning we had 5 days of extremely low drop chance for mount, 1% is more fair chance, and after the increase of drop chance 2 people have gotten it, as I am aware of.

My suggestion is since drop chance was increased by a lot, and drop chance was extremely low before, it would be nice to have full event with proper drop chance for a fair chance of getting mount.

Re: Extend Love Event by 5 days.

Posted: 15 Feb 2020 13:56
by Doctor_J
No as this would as this would make other parts of event (ie items purchased with event currency) which have been working easier.

Also drop chances for this are less than 1% on retail. Believed blizzard reduced drop chances when this became individual loot rather than been rolled for by party when it dropped

This is meant to be rare mount ie not every player should have it.

Re: Extend Love Event by 5 days.

Posted: 15 Feb 2020 15:37
by Joh0239
Not possible to keep CCC up but not the rest of event? I don't see any harm in extending it for the items, since there are no pets/mounts which costs a lot of tokens which would be easier to get. Only thing people want from that vendor is maybe the black dress for achievement and it's not a rare drop at all.

Can be rejected for many reasons, when I learned drop chance was changed it's worth a shot. But this is 2020, playing a decade old game on the same server, Blizzlike is and should be long gone, no one knows the drop chance of it from when it was wotlk, and the drop rate it have now on retail is irrelevant. I'm not arguing for higher drop chance, it was changed behind the curtains for whatever reason. Not extending it because an event would be easier for the few people who need it is just meh.

I personally have the mount on 2 toons. If we should be happy the % was increased at all could be better explaination, but that the few people who need achievements getting some extra day to complete event would be too bad is really lame.

Imo, more people should voice their opinion before you make the decision.

Edit: I don't even know if it's possible to extend event, and this is completely moot.

Re: Extend Love Event by 5 days.

Posted: 15 Feb 2020 16:54
by Benedictus
It's possible but the work required to do it will not be worth it. First of the event duration is hard coded in the core. To extend it means to restart the event daily by hand after each daily server restart and a manual commit to extend it - which would have to be reverted later.

Enjoy the drop chance increase, but extending event will put too much work on our developers who can better focus on other things.