Primal wow Realm's merge plan, and Truewow realm.

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Primal wow Realm's merge plan, and Truewow realm.

#1 » Post by Klick17 » 15 Jan 2020 08:55

Hello everyone, i just thought of a suggestion, but not sure if you and/or the gm's will approve it since it regards the server population and play styles. Here's my suggestion and tell me what you think about/of it.:idea: :?:
Suggestion: Keep the primal wow realm the way it is until everyone there has killed all the ICC and RS bosses in all modes= 10nm/10hc, and 25nm/25hc, and only then after all those 6 raid successes, merge the 2 realms into 1.:)
With this suggestion, i think people will be able to experience what a more challenging side there is to the game and will want to keep on going by staying positive,focusing,and going for the main and targeted goal instead of having to rage-quit on each other and everyone by having the raids wiped due to the huge lack of support and team effort to make the raid progress succeed further in the raids through positive, stable, and caring focus.:)
Now as for the Truewow part regarding my suggestion: I'd say people should be more stable, caring, and supportive no matter how many times the raids are wiped,and keep going for the goal without having to rage-quit, yell, argue, and leave the other members in the raids to be wiped due to the lack of support caused by the leavings of the raids.:)
But as for PVP regarding both realms: Do the same thing you would do in raids, that is: Teach some strategies on how to win faster no matter how many times the enemies members will kill you and do whatever it takes to stop you from achieving the victory that you're supposed to gain and have at the end for your side of the battles and fights in that pvp area.:D

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Re: Primal wow Realm's merge plan, and Truewow realm.

#2 » Post by Joh0239 » 15 Jan 2020 14:35

Erm, hasn't that always been the plan? To my understanding PW would merge with TW when they have cleared RS25hc and reached their end of their progression and they would be in the same stage as TW. I think a better suggestion would be to merge PW faster with TW as early as they progress in Icc imo.
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Re: Primal wow Realm's merge plan, and Truewow realm.

#3 » Post by Axis » 15 Jan 2020 14:40

The merge (which is still years away) will proceed as planned unless otherwise announced by Administrators.
Nothing has changed. The first part of your suggestion merely repeats what was already laid out several years ago.

The second part of your suggestion isn't a suggestion but rather a request from the community.
It doesn't involve anything the staff need to do as we can't force players to always teach others how to play.
It would be prudent to discuss that in-game or in the General Discussion section.
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