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X-server chat

Posted: 11 Apr 2019 08:08
by Nymesis
Altering World chat so that its also cross-server between TrueWoW and PrimalWoW might help with our population issues. It would open up the ability to ask for help from both sides with:

1) Grouping
2) Raiding
3) Difficult quests
4) General advice questions
5) Larger audience for Chuck Norris Facts (this is the most important part!!!)
6) Trade/Auctions

This would increase the odds of a response, increase successful grouping, reduce the number of players lost to 'noone being around'. Those of us that do have characters in both realms could switch over and offer a hand when and where its needed. World chat would be more lively this way, too.

I love that we have both BC and WoTLK here, but the split population is definitely an issue. Opening up communication between the realms could really help with this.

Re: X-server chat

Posted: 12 Apr 2019 01:24
by Nyeriah
This could work using the irc service bots . Not pretty but feasible

Re: X-server chat

Posted: 12 Apr 2019 03:32
by bobsmyname
The only thing i can see this change increasing (besides general chat) would be encouraging players to switch servers, due to the locked content primal doesnt have yet.
I'm not sure how this would increase 1,2,3, or 6 without adding actual crossrealm, which again can't happen cause of primal's locked content.

Re: X-server chat

Posted: 12 Apr 2019 04:26
by Axis
--- #1, #2 and #3: This requires players to have characters on both realms which are already level 80 and 70 and are ready to play. Not everyone is in such a position with their accounts and most simply choose to play one realm or the other. At the most, just go to Discord to ask players of the other realm to help with various content, if necessary (provided that they have a character to do it with and are willing).
--- #4: We have already have crossfaction World Chat, Discord and the Forum for this.
--- #5: No comment.
--- #6: The potential pandora's box this would open doesn't even require an in-depth explanation. Both realms have a plethora of items and several differing methods to obtain them. The value of gold is also quite different per realm due to the item economy & content differences of WOTLK and TBC. Furthermore, player opinion greatly varies about various trades, sales and barter. I can't see this ever working out on a combined channel without it leading to issues (not to mention the actual transactions themselves would still be within realm, further nullifying this 6th point). It's also a reason we don't have sales / trade subsection on the forum either (other than the fact that it would be a waste of time and website resources).

Re: X-server chat

Posted: 12 Apr 2019 06:06
by Nymesis
Obviously such a feature would be aimed at promoting communication this way specifically for players that do already play on both realms. I know not everyone does this, but there are a lot of us that do. Also, most people don't really pay that much attention to the discord chat or the forums very much. As for the Trade/Auction part of it, that also would (of course) be directed towards players of both realms - meaning a person could ask if anyone with PW characters has XX item available for trade - obviously noone on TW side is going to see that request with the chat not shared right now - but if it were shared, they'd be able to switch over and help out. Same with groups or raids or anything else. Obviously the chuck norris part was a joke :P

I do not see how this would have any impact on item values, since anyone wishing to trade something would simply need to specify which realm they were needing the item on. No different than specifying the difference between looking for an RDF HC group versus a normal, or clarifying what levels you want your group for - etcetera.

Just to clarify I'm not saying I think people should fill up world chat with auctions, that annoys me to no end personally. What I'm suggesting is just opening up the possibility for a player on one realm to ask if anyone on the other side might have an item they need and could switch over for the trade. Same as asking for more players to run a group/raid or whatever on their realm - if they have characters on both sides. A lot of us do have characters on both realms and would willingly switch realms if we knew someone needed help.

Re: X-server chat

Posted: 12 Apr 2019 16:15
by bobsmyname
Just as much as we could ask the devs to allow trade / world or what have you to allow people to communicate inter server, and require more typing (WTB Saronite Ore, TW) rather than (WTB Saronite Ore), when both the forums and discord are for everyone, even if they arent used
Truewow's realms have no level or play time req to speak in channels, so if you were that desprate you could just make a level 1 and ask.

Re: X-server chat

Posted: 31 May 2019 18:37
by Axis
The two people available who could potentially implement this have absolutely no time on their hands at the moment.
Moreover, this will add additional overhead to the amount of things we already have to maintain every week.
As such, moving to rejected.
Thank you for your suggestion.