[TW&PW proposal] Web Auction House for characters

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[TW&PW proposal] Web Auction House for characters

#1 » Post by Justicelight » 19 Feb 2019 22:33

Hello remaining players of TW and PW,

I am writing this post in order to get your feedback on a proposal which is described below.

Proposal: create a platform on which players can upload their characters similar to Auction House system, through server's web page.

Currency: Vote Points

Uploading a character on Auction House:
- visit the dedicated web page
- select the linked account you wish to work with during the upload
- select the character you wish to upload to the Auction House
- type in the price evaluation (vote points)
- proceed with the character upload on AH
- a confirmation link is sent to your email -> confirm the link by access -> your character is uploaded
- upon confirming, your character will disappear from your account
- if you wish to take back your character (see section below)

Claiming a character from Auction House:
- visit the dedicated web page, where you can find characters name and price (vote points)
- select the linked account on which you wish your new character to be placed
- click on the character you wish to buy, for more information (link to the armory)
- click on the "buy" button to claim a character, confirm by clicking yes
- funds (vote points) will be withdrawn from your linked account while you will receive the character
- the seller will receive the funds from the trade operation (can be announced through a global in-game mail)

Withdrawing your character from Auction House:
- similar to the "Claiming" section from above
- you will buy your own character for 0 vote points

Advantages of the system:
- would give the chance for new players to join the server in a fasted manner, by playing the characters that are already created on server
- the currency used would be Vote Points which players can get by donation or voting, both of the processes bringing benefits to the well being of the server
- this would be a safe system that could allow flexibility for those who want to experience other classes, but are tied to current characters
- I truly believe this would revitalize the server from both financial and in-game activity perspectives.
- [important fact] although this something already implemented by some servers, the Auction House on our server would be limited only to characters acquisition and not individual items on specific characters.

Questions raised
- do you consider this proposal as being totally against our server's current policy? if so, could we adapt it to this suggestion?
- do you think this can can bring more players to the server, respectively bring more funds/votes?
- any other comments/opinions/suggestions are welcomed

Thanks a lot for reading my suggestion, and I kindly ask the GMs to support me on this. :!:

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Re: [TW&PW proposal] Web Auction House for characters

#2 » Post by Psychotic » 19 Feb 2019 22:42

Honestly, the only thing that would bring life to this server is simply upgrading the expansion to anything above wotlk, anything would do, otherwise i dont see anything happening here ever population wise, its even a miracle that it is alive today. Honestly, id play any expansion with the guys here and im certain that a lot of people would come back to get their characters that they played for years to a new level and to a new experience, but this right now just wont work.

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Re: [TW&PW proposal] Web Auction House for characters

#3 » Post by Psychotic » 19 Feb 2019 22:46

And please dont give me the usual bullshit "Do you know what it takes to develop another expansion?" Yes, of course i fucking know, and it is the only solution, im not forcing anyone to do it, im just pointing out the obvious. But giving the server any new feature through out the website wont revive it, im sorry.

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Re: [TW&PW proposal] Web Auction House for characters

#4 » Post by Arockalypse » 19 Feb 2019 22:59

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Re: [TW&PW proposal] Web Auction House for characters

#5 » Post by Psychotic » 19 Feb 2019 23:12

I think im advocating for most of the people who played here when i say that this server has a special place in our hearts, it is why we always come back, just to play a bit or simply to check whats up. I know some people who have characters that are 10 years old or even more and nobody is willing to let that go easily and im certain that they would be grateful and willing to join the ride again if given the opportunity to progress. (And something on my own behalf: pvp was great here and competitive, now there is none, which pretty much sums up everything about this server if viewed from that perspective)

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Re: [TW&PW proposal] Web Auction House for characters

#6 » Post by IronSharona » 19 Feb 2019 23:22

While I appreciate that it took a lot of time and thought to put together this suggestion, it does violate our policy of not performing account/character trading publicly. We do not currently offer ANY type of services to transfer characters between accounts for the security of our players. As small as we may be, we want to keep the game fair and scam/fraud free wherever possible.

In addition, this type of project would require someone with full administrator level access to develop an infrastructure for a series of weeks, if not months, before it would be in suitable condition to release to the public. We currently do not have anyone who would be able to take that amount of time away from the many many other projects and development needs going on behind the scenes.

Discussion of releasing a new expansion is completely irrelevant to the suggestion at hand so if that's your only feedback please take it to another suggestion thread. But it seems that you already know what our answer will be at this time. We barely have the manpower and server hardware to keep TrueWoW's Wrath content receiving updates and Primal's emulated TBC progression moving. If that's not enough content to maintain your interest, your interest would be better placed on another server until we are able to handle the workload you're asking of us. You can rest assured that if something as big as a new expansion enters development here there will be forum announcements, social media posts, and horns playing from the skies to ensure everyone knows what is coming.

Thank you for taking the time to try to make this server a better and more populous place to enjoy, but we must reject this suggestion.
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