"Custom" PvP Trinkets !?!?!?

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"Custom" PvP Trinkets !?!?!?

#1 » Post by skyx » 27 Dec 2016 03:58

Before everyone tries to burn me at the stake, please hear me.

Ideally, it would be awesome if we could copy the WM-Blackrock meta of restricting gear to max ilvl 270 and banning heroic solace and heroic Death's Verdict/Choice (and maybe even heroic Reign of the Unliving, not sure) for arena pvp BUT I have no idea how a TrinityCore private server is coded and how it works so I hope one day I get to see this feature implemented (like on a certain competing server *cough* GD *cough*).

Anyways, my suggestion is ...

since there isn't much to play for in arena PvP (PvP mounts in the vote shop ^_^)

how about we...

introduce some "custom" PvP trinkets THAT ONLY WORK IN BATTLEGROUNDS AND ARENAS.

So basically ilvl 245 ToGC trinkets (Solace, Death's Choice and Reign of the Unliving).

and ilvl 264 ICC trinkets (WFS hc, DBW, Bauble, PoNL, DFO)

but BG/Arena ONLY.

Is it possible? Well, area specific items such as AQ40 mounts/TK weapons exists so why not.

Are custom items possible? (*cough* OmegaWoW vote tokens/exp scrolls *cough*)

Do they impede on PvE progress? No

Why don't you just PvE for those trinket? Have you ever seen a frost mage with Solace on TW? Rarely and if you do, the mage is probably from a donor server. Is it a Frost mage's BiS PvP trinket? Yes. It is extremely hard for a frost mage to get one? Most definitely.

Is arena on TW dead? Just look at the ladder.

Will I receive severe backlash to even dare suggest this on TW? Probably (but times are desperate and radical changes are needed imo).

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Re: "Custom" PvP Trinkets !?!?!?

#2 » Post by devil5000 » 27 Dec 2016 06:11

Well one of the main reasons why most of the pvp mounts are in the shop is that all those seasons are behind us and the only mount you can get from 2v2 is the wrathful one since we are on the wrathful seasone.I dont know why would developers have to make custom trinkets for pvp.First people qq about sm and now trinkets whats next,qqing about ppl having pve talents in bg's and arenas or the qq about the pve gear? We should rly just disable all pve stuff in arenas to make it better or just let people play arenas withouth gear.Current pvp state isnt the fault of people having too much dmg from gear.Most of the people that done pvp got tired of it or they either got the stuff they wanted so they decided to quit pvping.
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Re: "Custom" PvP Trinkets !?!?!?

#3 » Post by nikkal » 27 Dec 2016 07:19

No. just no. When i came here, some years ago, it was "truewow, true wow expirience, blizzlike 1x rates etc" Now it seems like "let's be more and more fun server... What happened to that "we will always be Blizzlike" attitude.... Why does it always have to be custom, or some non-blizzlike features. So yea, all in all, No from me.

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Re: "Custom" PvP Trinkets !?!?!?

#4 » Post by Fretykso » 27 Dec 2016 13:56


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Re: "Custom" PvP Trinkets !?!?!?

#5 » Post by Rohit » 27 Dec 2016 14:50

Too much work, too many complications and no guarantee that people will actually start doing arenas anymore than the ones happening right now.

Has to be a no.
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Re: "Custom" PvP Trinkets !?!?!?

#6 » Post by Cocopuffs » 27 Dec 2016 15:06

well i was thinking more like gearscore restrictions for pvp instances. like, calculate max ilvl pvp items i.e. ilvl270 items + 264 parts, 277 weapons (with resil), and 245 trinkets, get the max gs obtainable like that and make it a pvp instance restriction. best way to make the pve bots with 2k in 2s quit pvping :^D

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Re: "Custom" PvP Trinkets !?!?!?

#7 » Post by Brennus » 27 Dec 2016 19:04


Sorry, mate, but that's just too "fun server" to my liking.
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Re: "Custom" PvP Trinkets !?!?!?

#8 » Post by skyx » 29 Dec 2016 04:58

Barney Panofsky1 year ago
Can you donate your gear on truewow? I've seen poeple on the arena ladder with shadowmournes....
As you can see from the comments, PvPers have been deterred from coming to TW in the first place.

Also, I am now totally out of ideas and it seems TW doesn't give a flying fk about PvP.

TW could've differentiate itself from its competitors by fostering a good PvP community as well as PvE but

250 / 3 is the best they come up with when they are 3 years late. Even DW held back rare items for their PvE challenge.

Some "p2w" stuff such as level boost to 70 (is actually blizz-like but not wotlk-like) and professions level boosting could've been in the shop instead. Maybe even a x3 could be applied for freshly made accounts with unique IP number or x3 bonus for every character a new player levels to 80.

While it is true that the overall quality of scripting of this server (quests, PvE instances, spells for PvE use) is the best I have ever seen on a private server, not enough is done to maintain a healthy population.

It seems people forget it is cumbersome to level a character to lv 80, enchant and gem gear, find a good guild, earn gold for flying mount, etc. when they can do all of this at another server with a larger population.

What is the point of x1 levelling when most of zones you level in doesn't have a single ally to group with or enemy to fight against most of the time?

Giving brand new players a decent head start on this server would do wonders to the server population (I am getting bored of quoting them all the damn time but like GD...), even if they don't stay for long.

I personally had not paid a single cent to Maestro's p2w BS but I am pretty sure a sizeable amount of characters TW has transferred over from OmegaWow had donor gear.

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Re: "Custom" PvP Trinkets !?!?!?

#9 » Post by Almsivi » 07 Sep 2017 23:02

Custom items not supported on Truewow, rejecting.
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