PvP or PvE realm?

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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

#31 » Post by LampadaF » 28 Aug 2020 20:30

PVE - still a main reason why I keep coming back to primal. Those who wish for PVP can flag themselves for PVP.


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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

#32 » Post by Earendur » 28 Aug 2020 23:43

PVE . This is also one of the reasons I joined this server. As I've played on PVP servers and eventually leave as I get tired of being jumped on constantly while I'm out just trying to complete my quests. One time, a guy stayed around as I respawned and attacked me repeatedly.

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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

#33 » Post by mungos » 28 Aug 2020 23:45

so leave the option as we now have on BFA who wants pvp let him turn on who does not want let him stay pve or pvp off, he has that option warr mod the same.

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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

#34 » Post by Chapolin » 29 Aug 2020 00:39

PVP! if i wanted to kill mobs i would play mario.

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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

#35 » Post by Sassafrass53 » 29 Aug 2020 06:26

PVE - I came here because it was one of very few pve servers available. If we go pvp, I'll continue my search. PVP enables bullies, and that turns my stomach.

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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

#36 » Post by lillyth » 29 Aug 2020 06:50

PVE forever. If wont happen, i will find a place to play. When i log to play, i want to relax, not to stress. I left True realm long ago, with many 80 toons, because of PvP.
Primal is small now because many ppl completed the content and mass left. But if Primal would launch wrath patch, im quite sure most of them will come back, and many new others. (I remember first year of TBC, with no less than 300-400 ppl everyday, rdf que popping instantly, no mather your role).
Also PvP will already be in arena and bg where PvP ppl can spend energy of fury. Its pointless in my opinion to be a max geared 80, epic flying mount, attacking a 73 in Borean, with only ground mount, trying to finish a quest. But that happened to me, ant not only that, or only then. There will always be ppl finding something funny in stressing others like "why not if i can?" I dont want to name this kind in a way. I just want to have the posibility to choose ppl i want to play with, and keep the morons at bay.
Regards, Evanor (and many others).

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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

#37 » Post by Arkentos » 29 Aug 2020 13:34


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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

#38 » Post by olabola » 29 Aug 2020 16:47


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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

#39 » Post by LordSdn » 29 Aug 2020 16:50

PVE please!
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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

#40 » Post by dragonheart » 29 Aug 2020 16:52

PvE please :)

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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

#41 » Post by Quietly » 29 Aug 2020 19:49

PvE please!

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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

#42 » Post by Dabeer » 29 Aug 2020 20:38

If we're staying crossfaction, then PVE makes the most sense.

If we're going back to non-crossfaction, my vote is for PVP.

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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

#43 » Post by danmudie » 29 Aug 2020 20:50

I don't think it makes the slightest bit of difference (either would suit me), people are always gonna favour one over the other, given a choice....that's what happens when its democratically debated and a choice is presented...! there will always be winner and losers.
I can safely say that in over 2 years, I have never been attacked in the open world or ever seen anyone to attack back for that matter, in fact the only time I have ever seen open world PVP, is when handing ICC (Sindy) weekly in to dragonblight and the people u spent the last 3 hrs in raid with .....attack u and proceed to get ganked by the dragon guards.....top kek, fun to watch!

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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

#44 » Post by kongen » 29 Aug 2020 21:58

PVE.. Regards Headzhot

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Re: PvP or PvE realm?

#45 » Post by jengrath » 30 Aug 2020 05:39

I highly prefer PvE. I haven't bothered making an ironman PvP character, because I just *know* someone is going to gank me, at around level 72, them at level 80 raid geared and me in greys.


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