Refresh CDs when doing duels

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Refresh CDs when doing duels

#1 » Post by Alco » 16 Jul 2019 08:13

I would like to suggest a refresh on Cooldowns when doing duels.
With the steady increase of players on primal, PvP is getting more popular. I think we should seize that popularity and improve. Dueling is a fun passtime and good practice, and it keeps people entertained when nothing else is going on as you only need 2 people. However, having to wait 8 minutes or whatever for your big cooldowns is no fun and there is no reason it should be that way. When you enter Arena, your CDs under 10 minutes are refreshed (to prevent lay on hands i think). We can make it the same for duels. Below I have linked a google search to see that I am not the only one who has had this idea. I believe blizzard had it in the works, but decided not to implement it. There is also a link to a video from another private server where they have this feature.
Now, I know what you are thinking "EXPLOITS!". Yes good point. I have a few ideas on how exploits can be avoided. Read on:

1. Make this feature work in select areas only. You would decide on one or several good duel areas, where there is no content nearby that could be used to exploit this feature.

2. Make a 1v1 arena mode (skirmish only, no ranked) However, this would prevent spectators, which is part of the fun.

3. Make all dueling cooldowns seperate from regular PvE cooldowns.
Fx I use pala bubble in a PvE situation. 5 min CD
I start a duel, bubble CD is refreshed and I can use my bubble in duel. i do that.
Duel ends after 1 minute and the PvE CDs are restored again (bubble is now on 4 min CD since i spent 1 minute dueling).
This 3rd option I would imagine would be a lot harder to implement, and you would also have to make a system to prevent interaction with any PvE creatures so that you can't exploit it by starting a duel then killing loads of mobs with your big CDs, then repeat.

4. No system to prevent exploit other than warning/banning people who does exploit it. I don't know if this is feasible, but on the server there are several exploits that people are expected not to use. This could be one of them. ... zE8YgpqoAk

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Re: Refresh CDs when doing duels

#2 » Post by Axis » 16 Jul 2019 09:51

We have cooldown resets for duels on TW realm.
I don't see any harm in PW having that feature, if it isn't there already.

I can't commend on the 1v1 arenas, as that is an entirely different matter and belongs on a separate thread with its own discussion and votes.
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Re: Refresh CDs when doing duels

#3 » Post by Nyeriah » 16 Jul 2019 13:34

2. You have to undo one of the brackets to implement it (I.e joining the 5v5 queue instead puts you into 1v1). It’s gruesome, and the alternatives are equally gruesome (would require creating a custom queue server side with a custom npc handling it. It’d also require more things to be added to the ecosystem if you want to keep track of victories, ratings, etc.

I have researched it although at the time it didn’t seem interesting enough to spend any further resources on the subject, too convoluted.
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Re: Refresh CDs when doing duels

#4 » Post by bobsmyname » 16 Jul 2019 17:42

After playing multiple other servers, CD resets for duels are common.

As far as exploits I haven't seen any, as there can't be duels in raids, so no LoH > starting a duel > LoH >start duel > LoH ect. while bossfighting or such. Even in the event of dueling outside and getting summoned in, very few spells are worthwhile enough to exploit (The only ones I can think of is LoH or Soulstone, which I suppose you can just remove).

1. I'd recommend outside Shattrath, where DMF comes. Not to far, and a (relative to tbc) low level zone.

2. Seems rather unnecessary, as you can just do duels.

3. You can just leave the CDs as they are from when used within the duel, again there's not many spells that an entire feature would need to be added while the devs already have so much to do.

EDIT: Just a side note, along with CD resets can we please get resource resets (mana, health & energy 100%, rage 0)?
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Re: Refresh CDs when doing duels

#5 » Post by natnat123 » 26 Jul 2019 19:36

+1 from me, it's not really worthwhile trying to exploit it and if we really wanted to, we could exclude certain areas from allowing the reset.

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Re: Refresh CDs when doing duels

#6 » Post by IronSharona » 02 Aug 2019 18:35

Since this coincides with the current behavior on our PvP realm anyway, I've set both CDs and Health/Mana to reset before and after duels. Will go into effect next restart on Primal.
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