Raise the Honor Rate to 3x.

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Re: Raise the Honor Rate to 3x.

#16 » Post by paroliak » 17 Jun 2019 20:13

+1 for x2.. x3 seems a bit much for me. We could try x2 multiplier for a month and then go to x3 if it's 'not balancing' the effect.

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Re: Raise the Honor Rate to 3x.

#17 » Post by srelectrox » 18 Jun 2019 09:09

what if (dunno if possible) editing 5v5 arena team requirements making the arena system a 1v1 / 2v2 and 3v3 ?

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Re: Raise the Honor Rate to 3x.

#18 » Post by Dreadnought101 » 19 Jun 2019 22:16

Please dont increase honor rates, reduce items, especially earlier season gear to let new people get new items quickly.
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Re: Raise the Honor Rate to 3x.

#19 » Post by Axis » 20 Jun 2019 03:25

That's enough feedback. Thank you.
This will be implemented as soon as time permits.
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Re: Raise the Honor Rate to 3x.

#20 » Post by andriuspel » 19 Jul 2019 07:25

3x rate was applied to all bg honor rewards in next servers restart at 2019-07-19, for both realms
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