Disable group queueing for BGs

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Re: Disable group queueing for BGs

#16 » Post by Floss » 20 May 2017 22:25

This reminds me of the "Free action potion" drama we had a few months back on TW.

Ik that you (GMs) , want the best for everyone but in such matters you should always see things in a Pvper's perspective and i get the feeling that you guys are more of a raider type players than Pvpers.

So here's my suggestion , idk how "many" of you are there but if you could like assign one GM(that is an active Pvper) to do the role of making decisions on PVP making matters , it could solve all the problems we Pvpers got.

Pvp matters are sensitive and was a bit of a problem in TW but i hope that it gets more attention in PW(Ofc i don't mean bug fixing cause that's going great!).

P.S - I remember that Eronox used to PVP :)

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Re: Disable group queueing for BGs

#17 » Post by Eronox » 20 May 2017 22:45

Floss wrote:
20 May 2017 22:25

P.S - I remember that Eronox used to PVP :)

incorrect, only for achivements and world events if anything.
I never liked PvP enough to dedicate myself in it, is true, and you if someone know how I value the truth :tick:

For the thread itself, staff has taken the decision to approve. The effect should be immediate. Thank you for the player iniative to make us better!

Moving to Accepted Suggestions.

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