Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

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Re: Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

#121 » Post by Nymesis » 16 Dec 2016 12:06

I am totally for it myself - my only concern against it is, as OP mentioned, what happens to Wintergrasp and/or Archavon? Wintergrasp weeklies are important for gaining epic gems. I'm still for it whatever the answer, tho. I always thought the forced rivalry was a detractor to the game, personally.
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Re: Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

#122 » Post by Imagine » 16 Dec 2016 12:20

If this going to happen then im out of this server , so -1 from me..

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Re: Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

#123 » Post by Garadan » 16 Dec 2016 13:20

Enjoy the rest of the server for whoever is supporting this
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Re: Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

#124 » Post by chickenbutt » 17 Dec 2016 00:37

Tally of yes/no's so far?
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Re: Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

#125 » Post by Jiranthos » 17 Dec 2016 01:08

chickenbutt wrote:Tally of yes/no's so far?

Here you go, then.

Yes: Gnurg, Wari, Regent, Royo, Adiba, NoblestHeart, Relina, Cocopuffs, iceshock, Gadoschi (?), huligan27, Brennus, Floss, Deim, smartos, Eruptic, blagovest_tonev, daniella85, Spenelli, Klick17 (?), Enigma, XxEggMannxX, aceman611, Sweetsong, Ratmout (?), Karia, Milio

Count with tentatives: 27
Count without tentatives: 24

No: Tenebro, Vicodine, Longi, Milanlord, Morrigan, skyx, andriuspel, Arockalypse, Mala, tinyclaw, Garadan, Yfrofari, Virdo, hjason3, exchanger1, Imagine

Count with tentatives: 16
Count without tentatives: 16

I tried to judge by the post the stance the poster has taken. So if you feel like you are in the wrong side, please clarify your stance and express your opinion more clearly.

Current result:

Yes: 24
No: 16

"Yes" wins with 60% to 67.5% of the popular vote.

(Voting has not yet ceased)

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Re: Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

#126 » Post by nipernaadi » 17 Dec 2016 01:24

yes from me, if it will include pvp aswell, not only some useless rdf que.
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Re: Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

#127 » Post by Nyeriah » 17 Dec 2016 01:28

Crossfaction PvP is not even remotely related to this suggestion.

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Re: Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

#128 » Post by AymaneShadow » 17 Dec 2016 01:34

Two major guilds moved from alliance to other servers, population has become very low. For the rest of what is left of players, implementing this will help them play a little while longer. Therefore, I vote Yes.

While we're at it, please consider merging with another server, I mean PrimalWoW is doing better than the main server TrueWow. By the time PW reaches wotlk TW will be dead, save the few that are left, save all the effort and energy that we've put into our characters all these years, say yes to merging with another server (by that I mean convince Roel to do so!).


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Re: Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

#129 » Post by Brennus » 17 Dec 2016 03:58

AymaneShadow wrote:...
Easier said than done. Before merging, we need to actually find a server to merge with...
Need to find a server that is compatible with TrueWoW (that is: No pay-to-win, low rates, blizzlike, and so on).
And the guys responsible for that server must be willing to merge with us.
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Re: Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

#130 » Post by edderf » 17 Dec 2016 04:17

as i said sometime ago, i realy like to play low lvl pve conents.. so yes! yes yes yes! PLS :)

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Re: Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

#131 » Post by Ancestor » 17 Dec 2016 08:51

I think this cross pve kills alliance pvp even more, cos ppl all go or stay horde side and dont level or
play ally bcos horde got more ppl online and then they get more support from other players...pvp from ally side stays dead cos no ppl online..

Cross is good +1 for pve but -1 i would vote cos i think it kills ally pvp

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Re: Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

#132 » Post by Evildead » 17 Dec 2016 10:38


Great ideas often receive violent opposition from mediocre minds.

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Re: Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

#133 » Post by benzviliran » 17 Dec 2016 11:14

Decisions from this kind are the kind that lead into this situation in the first place.

do not do that xd obviously no from me.
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Re: Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

#134 » Post by Mirramar » 17 Dec 2016 18:18

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Re: Cross-faction on TrueWoW?

#135 » Post by MadarAlFakar » 17 Dec 2016 20:34

I'd like this for Dungeon finder :D right now I que for lvl 54-60 dungeons = only person in the que is me for entire days. :c


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