PvP Changes 2021

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PvP Changes 2021

#1 » Post by Roel » 29 Jul 2021 18:25

Following up on the changes from last year, here is another round of changes based on feedback and recent PvP activity. They were all done because we don't have the population of Blizzard servers, some compromises are required to make the best of what we have.

- Significantly reduce the arena point cost of Relentless items to make them more viable before buying Wrathful.
- [Unchanged] Relentless weapons can also be bought in Dalaran Sewers.
- [Unchanged] Wrathful Shoulders and T2 weapons are available for 2050 2v2 rating instead of 3v3.


- The following timers have been reduced to 1 minute: offline player removal, AFK reports removal and BG closing due to lack of players.
- The number of required AFK reports is reduced to 2.
- BG deserter has been removed, we want disconnected players to rejoin. Don't abuse this.
- RBG rotation has been changed to WSG > EotS > AB > SotA depending on number of players in previous BG.
- Defaults to WSG if previous BG ended more than 1 minute ago.
- EotS closes with less than 3v3 and AB/SotA close with less than 4v4.
- Global announcer moved from end to start of preparation.
- BG Invite timer reduced to 20 seconds, just queue again if you are too late.
- [Unchanged] The first RBG win of the day still gives 75 arena points and all honor rates are 3x.

Arena (Starting with the new season on 1 August):
- Losses are more generously rewarded at low rating so even 10 losses is enough to get Wrathful belt at 1300 rating. 1500 rating is also quick for any team.
- No rating can be lost below 1800 rating but it takes effort to get there for bad teams. Good teams just get there faster.
- Some scaling added from 1800-1900 rating to avoid a hard cutoff at 1800 rating. Skill is still important because more wins than losses are required to climb further.
- Starting rating is back to 0, this is no problem with such rating gains.
- Larger MMR range for instant queue and generally shorter wait times.
- [Unchanged] It still takes effort to get arena points for items (honor for belt and boots) even if you have the rating. But high rated teams get more arena points per flush than low rated teams.
- [Unchanged] Daily flushes with 10 matches required per flush. Matches carry over so you could do 2 matches per day and get a flush after day 5.
- [Unchanged] Rating gains/losses have been tripled to compensate for the lower amount of matches per season.
- [Unchanged] At 1800+ rating, losing against a lower rated team is less punishing. This is intended to reduce "sniping", 50% winrate will always be enough to maintain your rating.

Arena seasons schedule
Details season titles

This post will be updated with future changes depending on results from this.


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