Copying addon settings

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Copying addon settings

#1 » Post by Roel » 15 Oct 2020 11:24

This guide explains how to copy addon settings with the focus on characters from PrimalWoW.

1. Open your game client folder and create a backup of the folder named WTF.
2. Go to the WTF -> Account folder, you will notice a folder in there with your game account's username.
3. Inside, there will be sub-folders that each have realm names. Find the one that is named PrimalWoW (Progressive) and open it.
4. Here, there are folders named after your characters. Highlight all of them and press CTRL and C simultaneously.
5. Now go back to the previous folder with all the realm names.
6. Find the folder that is named TrueWoW and open it. If it does not exist, create it and name it TrueWoW (match the casing).
7. Paste everything here that you copied in step 4 - do this by pressing CTRL and V simultaneously.
8. Now, start up your game client and open your addons list at the TrueWoW realm.
9. Ensure that only your preferred addons are enabled (this procedure tends to turn them all on by default).
10. Finally, log on to your character and check your user interface.
11. If necessary, access your addon config and select your old user profile (in most cases, it's already selected after above procedure).

Revert to backup

If the above didn't work properly, you may want to try again with additional steps. For each attempt it's best to revert to your backup. To do this, delete your WTF folder, then rename the backup folder from step 1 to WTF. Don't forget to also repeat step 1 afterwards for a new backup folder.

Character names have changed?

At step 3:
Open the folders of both realms and rename the character folders to their new names.
Check if none of the PrimalWoW character folders exist in the TrueWoW folder. If any do then this is likely because of a deleted character and you should also delete the corresponding folder to avoid overwriting it in step 7.

Username has changed?

After step 7:
Go back to WTF -> Account.
Create a copy of the folder that belongs to your old username.
Rename the new folder to your new username. If a folder with that username already exists then delete it first unless it contains settings that you want to keep.

Advanced 100% copy

After step 7:
Go back to the folder that contains the realms, WTF -> Account -> your username.
Open the SavedVariables folder.
Delete all files with the "bak" file type.
Open all "lua" files in a text editor like Notepad.
In the text editor, open the replace feature (under Edit for Notepad).
Find "PrimalWoW (Progressive)" without quotes and replace with "TrueWoW". Replace all in each file and save.
If any of your characters were renamed, you should also replace the old names with the new names like in the previous step. But if the character name is contained in the name of another character then manually check and replace them to avoid errors.

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