How to Become a Tester

All things that player must know or can be of their use such as general information, policies, rules, FAQ, guides and instructions, various language translations.
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How to Become a Tester

#1 » Post by IronSharona » 07 Nov 2017 09:48

Testing for a better Future!

Thanks to the Testers' Revenue project, anyone can now apply to become a tester!
However, not anyone can become one. Only the most qualified will be selected.

What IS a "Tester"?

A tester, by our definition, is an outstanding member of the community who has shown commitment to both testing current bugs and tracking or reporting new issues. These individuals work side by side with the staff's development team in order to enhance releases, debug upcoming features, and contribute to a better future. Testing can relate to any TrueWoW feature: From PvP reblancing to PvE instance releases to website or Discord amenities! No matter your area of interest with our server, there is a spot for you among the tester collective.

Tester Perks

The Testers' Revenue project is bringing renewed enthusiasm to our testers.
Ever tester earns rewards and unique perks.
  • The Tester title on both the forums and our Discord.
  • Web Points as reward for contributions.
  • Unique access to a new forum section, dedicated to testers only.
  • Unique access to a new Discord Channel, dedicated to testers only.
  • Unique access to previews of upcoming features and releases.
  • Participation in release, server, and new feature discussions.


To qualify to become a tester, you must meet a few requirements:
  • Should know how our bugtracker (MantisBT) works
  • Should know in-game mechanics
  • Should have reading and writing proficiency in English
  • Should be willing and able to communicate with staff
  • Should contribute regularly in discussions, testing, reporting, or fix contribution
  • Should be an existing, upstanding member of the player community
  • Should be willing and able to regularly check the forums

Apply to be a Tester!

Read the list above and still feel confident? Please contact me through a forum private message. Your message should feature an brief introduction to yourself, the reason you wish to become a tester, what type of contributions you hope to make in testing, and a description of you experience with and knowledge of TrueWoW/PrimalWoW. We hope to hear from you soon!

- The TrueWoW Team

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Re: How to Become a Tester

#2 » Post by Eronox » 08 Jan 2018 12:57

Testers will be rewarded for their dedication.
Extra rewards might be distributed on specific tasks and assignments that staff throws out due to prioritized testing sessions.

Read more at Tester's revenue

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