General Moderation Policy

All things that player must know or can be of their use such as general information, policies, rules, FAQ, guides and instructions, various language translations.
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General Moderation Policy

#1 » Post by IronSharona » 29 Jul 2015 14:46

How we Moderate Chats

We try to stay out of personal conversations and community discussion, as oppression or censorship are not our goals, but certain situations become too much and we will take action in the form of mutes. We will only provide moderation for public channels including /world, /LookingForGroup, /Trading, /General, /say, and /yell. The first mute for most offenses will be between 5 and 15 minutes. If offenses are repeated (immediately or over time) the length of the provided mute will increase accordingly. The following activities may result in mutes:

1. Flooding or spamming
Flooding and spamming can take many forms, including linking items/spells/abilities repeatedly or using excessive caps.

2. Excessively vulgar, sexual, or insulting language
While swearing is a natural part of many conversations, if it becomes excessive or overly directed at a particular player it may be deemed punishable. Excessively sexual posts are included in this category, even if they are not directed at another player.

3. Inciting hateful rhetoric toward a group of people
We do not support any kind of public discussion undermining groups of people on a basis of gender, age, religion, political views, race, ethnicity, or sexuality.

4. Use of non-English languages
Our server only provides official support to players in English. As a result, we ask that you kindly always speak English publicly so that staff may assist or intervene when necessary.

Reporting a violation
TrueWoW staff will try to step in when conversations violate our moderation policy, but sometimes if we're busy or unavailable it can help to give us some extra notice. By right clicking on someone, you will be given the option to "Report Spam." This will notify any online staff members of the issue, and create a log note staff may refer to after the incident. It does not give the player a mute or ignore them.

Private chat information
Remember that TrueWoW Staff will never try to moderate conversations held privately. That means you cannot be muted for what you say in secret. Private channels include any custom-made channels, whispers, party chat, or in-game mails. If someone is upsetting you with the way they are behaving in private chat, simply right click on their name and select the "Ignore" option. You will no longer see their comments and will not be able to be randomly grouped up with them in the future.

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