Security Concerns and Disclosure of Personal Information

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Security Concerns and Disclosure of Personal Information

#1 » Post by Nyeriah » 23 Jun 2015 05:43


We've seen several cases of players that entrust their personal information, such as login and username, to other players and end up as victims of malicious users.

We'd like to emphasize that sharing your personal information is highly discouraged as specified by the server rules and maintaining the account integrity is the owner's responsibility.

The staff will not unlink accounts, recover passwords, or provide any support if a trade goes wrong.
This is strictly because we do not know the background history behind the trade, we don't know the terms, the environment, the conditions and any other related variables that would lead us to a clear and infallible judgement.

Keep in mind that sharing your account you'll also disclose other personal information such as registration and the currently used emails which we'll not be held responsible for.

We are currently trying to cease the actions of a group of scammers. If you receive any message from any player asking you to trade characters please report it to us immediately so we can take the proper measures. Also, if you receive any message or friend request at Facebook asking you to trade accounts or characters report it and we'll be blocking the access from such users from our Facebook page immediately.

Please start being more careful about your accounts...



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