Monthly Voting Challenge

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Monthly Voting Challenge

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Monthly Voting Challenge
General Event Information
One of the many ways of supporting our server is by voting. From all of them, it might one of the most vital ones as it promotes our server and helps bringing us new players.

Currently players may vote for 5 websites that reward each 2 points per vote, up to a max of 20 points per day as a reward to their support. For more information on how to vote for our server, please click > HERE <

Additionally, players are rewarded each month depending on our rankings on those five websites mentioned before by our so-called Monthly Voting Challenge.

Who's eligible for the bonus points from the Monthly Voting Challenge?
Everyone with a minimum of 60 votes for the current month is eligible for the bonus points given by the Monthly Voting Challenge.

How many bonus points are given and how is their distribution oriented?
For each record broken OR position maintained every eligible account will receive 10 points up to a maximum of 50 points PLUS 5% of the total of points acquired in the given month. So for example someone that has earned 600 points will have a bonus of 30 points by the end of the month.

Is there any other rewards?
Yes, there is. The first, second and third positions are given additional rewards so everyone holding such positions receive additional bonuses. The bonus rewards go as it follows
First place: 300 bonus web points, 3000 gold.
Second place: 200 bonus web points, 2500 gold.
Thrid place: 100 bonus web points, 1250 gold.
Additionally, players that hold the first place are eligible for the Magic Rooster Egg raffle. Winning the raffle awards the player a Magic Rooster mount that can only be earned through our voting challenge.

If the player already has the egg they have 48 hours to step forward and receive a money compensation of 1000 gold instead.

When are the rewards given?
The 5% bonus is given at the last day of every month at 11PM server time. The other rewards are handled at the 3rd day of every month.

Got any questions? Check the Monthly Voting Challenge discussion thread at

Regards and thank you!
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