Shop: Requesting a Refund

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Shop: Requesting a Refund

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Shop: Requesting a Refund
Step-by-step guide through requesting a refund and important information regarding our brand new Shop Refund system

1. Getting Started
To issue a refund, log the forum account the purchase has initially been done from and go to our shop.
At the bottom of the shop page, you'll find button to your purchase history labeled as "view my purchase history" right under the disclaimer specifying the refund rules.
2. Checking my latest purchases
The next page will show you a full history of the purchases and refunds done by your forum account. Under the full list, you'll find a detailed list of your most recent purchases that are eligible for a refund.

Whether an recent purchase entry is active or not determines if you can issue a refund request for the given item. Recent purchase entries are active for 24 hours after a purchase is complete. That means refund requests must be issued within 24 hours after you've bought the item.

Note that you'll receive exactly as many points you have spent when you bought your item. This means that if you bought an item that costs 250 points during a sale for 225 points you'll receive 225 points if you request a refund.

This page only displays information for YOUR forum account. This means if the given account was linked to another forum account previously, you won't be able to see any purchases done to that account. This ensures only the ones that bought the items can refund them.

3. Finishing the request
After going through the lists, make sure the character specified in the row is logged in and has the item you've purchased and wish to refund. After that, click "Request" on the entry that you'd like to be refunded.
Once that's done you'll receive your vote points and receive the following notification in-game
  • - Refund requests must be issued within 24 hours after the purchase.
    - Bind on Account and Bind on Equip pets and mounts are not eligible for refunds.
    - Tabards and Consumables cannot be refunded
    - Services (faction changes, race changes, name change and others) cannot be refunded.
    - The refund must be requested while the character which the item was initially purchased for has it in the inventory. The character must be ONLINE.
    - If you delete the character the items have been purchased for you will not be able to refund your items nor will the registry be updated to another character.
Did your request fail to process? These might be the reasons why
  • - The character is OFFLINE.
    - The character the item has been initially purchased for does not have the item in the inventory (mail does not count).
    - The purchase entry has expired. Refunds must be issued within 24 hours after the purchase.
    - The purchase has already been refunded.
    - The same item entry has already been refunded in the past 7 days. This means if I refund my Hearthstone today, I won't be able to refund another Hearthstone until 7 days have passed since my last refund of Hearthstone (two of the same item cannot be refunded in a row) on this given in-game account.
    - The in-game account you're trying to refund points for already had 5 refunds this month. Users can only request 5 refunds per in-game account per month.
NON-Refundable Items
Tome of Cold Weather Flight,
Tabard of Brilliance,
Tabard of Frost,
Tabard of Nature,
Tabard of the Arcane,
Tabard of the Defender,
Tabard of the Void,
Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit,
Party G.R.E.N.A.D.E.,
Path of Cenarius,
Path of Illidan,
Sandbox Tiger,
Paint Bomb,
Goblin Gumbo Kettle,
Murloc Costume,
Instant Statue Pedestal,
Diablo Stone,
Fortune Coin,
Frosty's Collar,
Lurky's Egg,
Mini Thor,
Netherwhelp's Collar,
Panda Collar,
Tyrael's Hilt,
Zergling Leash,
Onyxian Whelpling,
Riding Turtle,
Reins of the Spectral Tiger,
Big Blizzard Bear,
Big Battle Bear,
Magic Rooster Egg,
Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger,
X-51 Nether-Rocket,
X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME,
Baby Blizzard Bear,
Tabard of the Protector,
Tabard of Flame
  • The Staff reserves the right to alter, modify, remove or extend the restrictions here mentioned at any given moment with or without previous notice.
    The Staff will not provide personal information such as account names, character names or any purchase related information to ANY user.
    The Staff will not link or unlink accounts under any circumstances.
    The Staff will not reactivate expired purchase entries.
    The Staff will not issue manual refunds at any given moment.
    The Staff will not move items from one character to another.


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