How to Transfer Here!

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How to Transfer Here!

#1 » Post by IronSharona » 11 Feb 2014 16:05

How to Transfer to Our Server

We have a system to transfer to TrueWoW or PrimalWoW from almost any private server which is still online, or from retail WoW. Follow these steps, as well as displayed instructions on the website, to successfully make a transfer application!

1. Access the Transfer Manager
You can find the transfer manager here, under the Account tab on the website menu bar, or by typing into your URL bar.

2. Open a new transfer application
Click on the New Request button to open a new application. If you have previously opened a transfer application, you should be able to see its status here as "Open" if it is pending or "Closed" if has been completed.

3. Review and accept the guidelines
The information on this screen was written directly by the transfer system designer, Nuko, so it's a good idea to review and understand what information will be needed from you in further steps.

4. Find your server and realm of origin
Scroll through the list of known servers, or type into the search bar, to look for your origin server. Once you find your server, you may also need to select the realm within that server that your character exists on. If you cannot find your server in the list, you can click the button below to tell us some basics about the server so we can add it to the transfer system. Notice that from here forward you can abandon your request at any time if you change your mind.

5. Confirm transfer types
The type of transfer (Template/Copy) you could receive based on your server/realm selection will be visible so you can confirm you will get what you wanted, if approved. More details on these transfer types is available in Step 7. Click Confirm when you're ready.

6. Choose the TrueWoW realm to transfer onto
We have two realms. The namesake TrueWoW realm is a fully-released 3.3.5 Wrath PvP realm. The PrimalWoW realm is a progressive emulation of Vanilla through Wrath (currently in TBC) PvE realm, accessed via the 3.3.5 client. More details are visible in the image below. Click on the realm you want to join.

7. Choose the transfer type
Certain servers only permit a template style transfer. This means your exact character will NOT be copied, but you will receive a basic "starter" character of the desired faction, class, and specialization to get you going on our realms. In situations where a full character Copy is allowed, you may be able to bring your exact character with most associated armor, items, reputation, etc. If a transfer type is grayed out, it may not be supported by the realm you selected in previous step.

8. Enter your character's details
Some basic details about your character need to be listed so we can confirm the identity of your character. Required fields are shown below.

9. Enter extra requirements
The required information to enter will differ depending on whether you are requesting a Copy or Template transfer. It will typically involve login information if you are coming from another private server, or screenshots from retail (Blizzard).

10. Review everything and submit
You've made a lot of choices and entered a lot of information! Make sure everything is correct one last time before submitting, to ensure a speedy transfer time. Once you're sure, hit either of the Submit buttons (at the top and bottom of the window).

When staff make an update
You should receive a notification via PM on the forums any time a GM updates your transfer application. You will receive updates when the application is approved or rejected, when a transferred character is available to play, or if a staff member needs feedback from you to complete the transfer. Don't forget you can check the status of your open/closed transfer applications from the Transfer Manager!
Please don't open tickets or threads asking when will your transfer be complete.
Please don't open tickets or threads asking a Game Master to process your transfer.
Please don't message the administrators asking for your transfer to be complete.

Please be patient and wait until your transfer is processed.
If you do not receive any confirmation when submitting your transfer, that means your request was not received.

You will always be notified when submitting your request. You will always be notified when your transfer is complete.

Thanks for taking the time to submit a transfer application, and welcome to TrueWoW!
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Re: How to Transfer Here!

#2 » Post by Dymond » 24 Jul 2019 12:32

Just a reminder, when making a transfer request, you will need to create a character on the account you wish you transfer to and log into the game.

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